Bookeasy Training

Bookeasy Training


Bookeasy has a deep commitment to ensuring both our clients and tourism suppliers are up-skilled and confident with using Bookeasy.


Bookeasy has been carefully curating the content for our training and development offering over many years to ensure what is provided is relevant, engaging and most importantly beneficial to our partners.

We genuinely promote an interactive learning platform for all participants during our sessions, and believe in the ethos; "tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn".

Bookeasy's Training & Development Program offers a plethora of online and onsite training programs for every need and level of your Organisation.

Fundamentals Training

Delivery: Online
Fees: FREE

Masterclass Series

Delivery: Online or Onsite
Fees: Online $490 ex GST / Onsite from $690 ex GST




Development Workshops

Delivery: Onsite
Fees: From $990 ex GST


Online Self Help Series

Delivery: Online
Fees: FREE


Click on a Training Series below for information on modules available and topics covered within each module;

Fundamentals Training


  1. Bookeasy System Initiation
  2. Suggested attendees: All new staff
    - Logging into Bookeasy
    - The Bookeasy Dashboard
    - How to make accommodation and tour bookings
    - Understanding the reservation itinerary screen
    - Itinerary/Client Notes
    - Recording payments for bookings made

  3. Administration Essentials
  4. Suggested attendees: Team Leaders/Supervisors & Membership Coordinators
    - Itinerary Setup
    - Staff logins
    - Logging into operator consoles & updating details
    - Linking Operators & New Operators
    - Channel Management overview
    - Commission Levels
    - Online help

  5. Reservations Fundamentals
  6. Suggested attendees: New staff having completed 'Bookeasy System Initiation' &/or existing staff not formally trained
    - Searching & managing reservations
    - Cancellations without penalty
    - Adding to existing itinerary
    - Logging support requests and getting help
    - Flags and emails

  7. beRetail Fundamentals
  8. Suggested attendees: Any staff that utilise the POS system
    - Overview of retail functionality
    - Selling an item
    - Adding to existing itineraries
    - Printing a receipt
    - System notes for retail
    - Reporting

  9. Finance Overview
  10. Suggested attendees: Any finance or admin staff
    - Key finance questions
    - Commission Levels
    - Daily Reconciliation
    - Managing operator bank details
    - Cancellations & refunds
    - Returns overview

  11. Additional Functionality Overview
  12. Suggested attendees: Team Leaders/Supervisors, Membership Coordinators & Managers
    - Increasing revenue streams
    - Operator Booking Engine (OBE)
    - Affiliate Booking Engine (ABE)
    - Reviews

Delivery & Fees
Modules within the Fundamentals Series are delivered online.
Online: FREE


Masterclass Series


  1. Reservations Masterclass
  2. - Asking the right questions
    - Complex itineraries
    - Groups & events
    - Repeat business
    - Promos, packages & campaigns overview

    Outcomes: Upskilling staff to be more proactive in the booking process. Provide the tools to build complex itineraries, secure group bookings and encourage return business.

  3. Operator Consoles Masterclass
  4. - Logging into operator consoles & updating details
    - Uploading images, adding product, rates and availability
    - Minimum night stays
    - Booking questions & specials
    - Channel manager connectivity essentials
    - Partner connections
    - Self-managed Operator Consoles

    Outcomes: Provide all the tools for key staff members to manage operator consoles, assist with connectivity questions and all rate related queries. Enable your staff to better assist your members.

  5. Financial Masterclass
  6. - Reconciliation management
    - Identifying discrepancies with bookings
    - Cancelling bookings, including cancellation fees & penalties
    - Running returns and managing payments to your operators
    - Using the .aba bank file to pay operators
    - Understanding and using the returns reversal function

    Outcomes: Split into 2 sessions, one onsite and a follow up session online to go through the actual process of running a return. A comprehensive tutorial on all things finance.

  7. beTouch Masterclass
  8. - The benefits of beTouch
    - Assisting the visitor
    - Managing bookings from staff console
    - Maximising self service impact

    Outcomes: An understanding of the benefits of beTouch, how to maximise the usage and assist your visitors with this tool.

  9. Ticketing & Events Masterclass
  10. - Functionality of ticketing and events
    - How to use correctly
    - Setting up a real event
    - Costing service appropriately

    Outcomes: Train staff to fully utilise the ticketing and events function within Bookeasy. Walk through of set up an actual event and pricing accordingly.

  11. Packages, Campaigns & Promos Masterclass
  12. - The difference between packages, campaigns & promos
    - Setting up packages
    - Setting up campaigns
    - Utilising promo

    Outcomes: Provide all staff attending this workshop the ability to set up, manage and deliver bookable product through the packages, campaign &/or promo functionality.

  13. Report Builder Masterclass
  14. - Utilising report builder
    - What data are you looking for?
    - Building reports from scratch

    Outcomes: Enable key staff to develop reporting functions that are relevant and specific to the organisation. Hands on assistance to build up to 3 unique reports.

Delivery & Fees
Modules within the Masterclass Series can be delivered onsite or online.
Online: $490 ex GST per module
Onsite: From $690 ex GST including travel per module

Contact us for a customised quote on bundling multiple modules.


Development Workshops


  1. i is for Inspiration Masterclass
  2. - Defining inspiration
    - Unique experiences
    - Inspiration ethos
    - Transforming information into inspiration
    - Enhancing the connection

    Outcomes: Equipping staff with the tools to transform information into inspiration. How to craft a story, take our visitors on a journey and increase conversion.

  3. Onboarding Excellence
  4. - Review of the current process
    - The importance of a thorough onboarding
    - What does it look like?
    - Building the tools for success
    - Implementing the process

    Outcomes: A complete review of the existing onboarding process for new staff/volunteers. Develop an implementable structure and provide the tools to maximise new staff/volunteer engagement as well as competencies upon starting on their visitor servicing journey.

  5. Amplifying Staff Engagement
  6. - Engagement Thinktank
    - Implementing successful KPIs
    - 1-on-1 case study
    - Incentive Structures
    - Setting Goals

    Outcomes: Develop key ways to maintain high level staff engagement. Run effective monthly 1-on-1s with achievable & relevant KPIs. Delve into the world of staff incentives and take a look at how to set goals to maximise results and encourage development.

  7. Getting Recruitment Right
  8. - Discussion around current recruitment process
    - How, where and what to advertise
    - What attributes to look for
    - The power of structured phone interviews
    - Asking the right questions
    - Factoring in the team

    Outcomes: A ready to go, modern and relevant recruitment process for your organisation to implement. Actual questions and/or scenarios to use in interviews to ensure the right candidate is being chosen. Ways to break the ice and encourage confidence with candidates. Minimise impact on existing team with new employees.

  9. Excelling with Volunteers
  10. - Understanding volunteer’s drive
    - Tools & templates
    - Upskilling your wonderful volunteers
    - Recognition & reward
    - Leveraging your volunteers skillset

    Outcomes: More than just volunteer management, we delve into truly engaging our vollies to harness their knowledge and fully maximise them as an asset to our operation. How can we recognise them better and bring them along on the journey to enhance our visitor experience.

  11. Innovating Your Visitor Centre
  12. - Review of current centre offering
    - Insight into other Visitor Centres around Australia/NZ
    - Looking at cost effective ways to innovate in your space
    - What visitors want
    - Delivering a true visitor experience

    Outcomes: We do an audit of your existing centre and current visitor experience offering. We provide a list of recommendations, insights and ways to improve your centres appeal. We spend time breaking down what visitors want and how to deliver an innovative visitor experience.

Delivery & Fees
Modules within the Development Workshop Series are delivered onsite.
Onsite: From $990 ex GST including travel per module

Contact us for a customised quote on bundling multiple modules.


Online Self Help Series

Bookeasy offers a comprehensive suite of self help training guides.

Topics include:

- Back to Basics
- Operator Administration
- Finance
- Report Builder
- Packages, Campaigns & Promotions
- Self-help guides for Operators


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