It is in our experience that tourism booking sites and travel brands often fall short of the mark when it comes to the ‘travel life cycle’ and its five stages of travel methodology. Namely the booking stage. This we believe is due to a combination of reasons; cost, resources, supply, lack of technical solutions, and a simple lack of understanding.

How Bookeasy can help

Bookeasy’s booking functionality can be easily integrated with your website to allow your organisation to facilitate real-time online bookings to enable you to convert website traffic into revenue.

fully integrated gadgets
Fully Integrated Gadgets

As part of Bookeasy’s end to end solution, we offer an advanced and responsive online booking solution, beGadgets, creating a fully integrated visitor experience with the entire booking process housed within your website.

Our solution is slick, responsive and highly customisable, able to be styled to suit any website’s theme. Our advanced shopping cart ensures bookings are processed securely online.

A full integration of the beGadgets will create a seamless experience for your website visitors. The gadgets are customised to maintain the look and feel of your website, with strong call to action points throughout the website to ensure minimal bookings leakage.

The integration of beGadgets within your website should be executed by an experienced developer and requires certification by the Bookeasy experts prior to going live. Bookeasy’s own web creatives, Impart Media have unrivaled knowledge on integrating beGadgets and are experts in web design and creation for the tourism market.

hosted booking engine
Hosted Booking Gadgets

If you are wanting to implement online bookings into your website, and you either don’t have the budget for a whole new website or your web developer doesn’t have the knowledge to successfully integrate beGadgets into your website, a Hosted Booking Gadget may be the solution for you.

Our beGadget experts at Impart Media can design, develop and host a fully responsive hosted booking site. A visitor to your website would click a ‘Book Now’ call to action button, which would open your hosted booking site in a new tab/browser. The hosted site would be designed and styled to match your existing website, housing the end-to-end booking process, to ensure an intuitive experience for the website visitor.

affiliate booking engine
Affiliate Booking Engine

As part of Bookeasy’s Affiliate model, we offer an Affiliate Booking Engine. An out-of-the-box solution, an Affiliate Booking Engine provides you with a fresh, innovative booking experience for your website visitors without any heavy administration for your organisation.

The Affiliate Booking Engine comes fully configured by Bookeasy to compliment your branding and provides a simple booking experience for both your organisation’s staff and website visitors with full transparency over bookings. All that is required on your existing site is a button/menu to link to the Affiliate Booking Engine.

Our digital experts

Impart Media are the ying to our yang. Bookeasy’s core focus is to provide you with a seamless behind the scenes process. Impart Media is all about creating a killer user experience through beautiful website design and a seamlessly integrated booking experience.

Impart Media are specialised in tourism, currently providing successful digital solutions to over 150 tourism organisations throughout Australasia. 

Interested in a new tourism website? Visit to view their latest work and to get in touch.

Why do people love Bookeasy?

Parks Victoria
Parks Victoria has been using Bookeasy as its online booking system for almost 15 years. I've personally been working with the company in my current role at Parks Victoria for almost 7 years and have seen the company evolve and grow to understand and deliver on the needs of a park agency in the digital space. I believe their biggest strength as an organisation is their dedicated and personalised customer service and professionalism across all levels of the business.
Amelia Maher
Project Lead
View Retreats
Bookeasy was instrumental in helping us to transition our website from a simple directory site to a fully-functioning booking platform. The support team are incredibly friendly and have always been willing to help with any problem big or small.
Mat Lewis
Co-Founder & CEO
McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Visitor Centre
The McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Visitor Information Centre has used Bookeasy as its online Accommodation and Tour booking system for the past 5 years. The Barossa Valley VIC and ourselves implemented the Bookeasy system at the same time and have seen our accommodation bookings increase significantly – prior to this we used a manual system which was very labour intensive.

The Bookeasy staff and help desk are a breeze to work with; always available to answer questions or fix mistakes that have been made. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bookeasy to other VICs as their online booking system. I would be more than happy to field any questions from other prospective users.
David Mayne