What is Bookeasy?


Being a tourism operator, you are arguably the most integral piece of the puzzle. Without quality tourism product to book, our clients wouldn’t be able to provide savvy travellers with expert knowledge of their region, as well as unrivalled access to local tourism product with real-time bookings.  

Bookeasy provides the ‘behind the scenes’ software that powers the booking functionality for 150+ visitor information centres, booking centres, destination websites and specialised tourism services around Australia and New Zealand. Traditionally a B2B bookings management system, Bookeasy connects your products with visitor centres and booking services who are actively making bookings.  

Through Bookeasy, our clients can make real-time bookings for connected accommodation, tours, attractions and events for travellers who visit their physical visitor information or booking centre, much like a travel agent. Bookeasy’s booking software can also seamlessly integrate into their website to provide website visitors the same booking ability, online; directly from the comfort of their home, office or mobile – anywhere, anytime.  

With one connection to Bookeasy, you have the opportunity to sell their product to hundreds of booking centres throughout Australia and New Zealand, directly and instantaneously.

Harness the power of Bookeasy's national reach!

Bookeasy provides a unique connectivity solution for tourism operators – one connection, hundreds of buyers. The Bookeasy Network is a distribution opportunity in addition to any direct relationships you have with visitor or booking centres, to sell your property.

Being a part of the Bookeasy Network enables any booking centre using the Bookeasy platform to sell your product. This could mean receiving bookings from a booking centre outside your region, or even interstate.

Opting in to the Bookeasy Network also means you will be listed on www.bookaustralia.com.au. Book Australia has been developed by the team from Bookeasy and is Australian owned and operated, with every dollar staying within Australia. They are partnering with a number of unique booking services and smaller visitor and booking centres to create an extensive affiliate network; meaning more bookings for you!

It is free to be part of the Bookeasy Network, and you only pay commission on bookings received. It’s a fantastic way to promote and sell your product all across the country to a powerful network of active bookers.


    By checking this box, you are an authorised representative for your business, agree to pay 15% commission on bookings received through the Bookeasy Network and accept the terms and conditions.

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    Are you an existing client with a general support query?
    Contact our support team at support@bookeasy.com


    You may have been referred to Bookeasy through your local visitor or booking centre, in which case we can assist in getting you set up, bookable and connected.

    If your local visitor centre doesn’t use Bookeasy, no problems! There are still plenty of opportunities for bookings through the Bookeasy Network, as well as Book Australia.

    There are no sign up, listing or membership fees to be an active operator in Bookeasy. However please keep in mind that commissions are likely to apply for any bookings you receive through a Bookeasy-centre.  Each centre will negotiate their own commission directly with you, and membership fees may apply individually.



    Of course! We partner with many of the leading channel managers/Property Management Systems. In addition, we also partner with many leading Tours & Activities Booking Systems in the market. To view a full list, please click here.

    To connect your channel manager to Bookeasy, you will need to know your Bookeasy property ID number, username, and password. You will also need to ensure your rooms and rates are set up. We have included a help guide should you need assistance.

    To connect your tour booking system to Bookeasy, please contact your booking system directly for further instructions.

    Are you looking for a system to manage your property or tour company?

    If you are looking for a Property Management System or Tour Management System, we have our premium products available called Room Manager and Tour Manager.

    Please visit their websites for more information.