Bookeasy is one of the world’s leading providers of a comprehensive reservations management system for National Parks agencies.

Bookeasy offers a user-friendly digital platform, delivering both direct online bookings and a central reservations system for offline bookings.  Bookeasy can help your National Park expand your global distribution, exceed visitor expectations and ultimately unlock fundamental success expected from a modern booking experience. 

While Bookeasy at its core provides an end-to-end reservations management system, over the past 18+ years, Bookeasy has developed into National Parks specialists, with core functionality now tailored towards National Parks and empowering them to grow and be confident in delivering a world-class visitor experience right from the first booking.

Bookeasy’s comprehensive solution can, as a single-system, replace the need for multiple systems to manage the complex and multifaceted needs of a National Parks agency. Our system provides management and booking capabilities for campgrounds, permits, managed attractions, facility & venue hire, guided tours, ticketed venues and events, and so much more.

We have long-standing partnerships with a number of National Parks agencies, some spanning close to 15 years; a testament to the robust and ever-evolving solution that we offer.


Campaign Specialists

Proven system performance during campaigns, providing rich booking data for essential marketing intelligence.


Functionality specifically designed for National Parks including reservation management for access permits, campgrounds, guided tours and educational programs.

Consumer Facing Touch Points

Facilitating online and offline bookings. Highly configurable booking experience allowing for single, multiproduct and group bookings.

Customer Loyalty

Membership authentication & promotional discounting functionality.

User Reviews

Automated reviews functionality to collect product/experience reviews from qualified customers.

Day to Day Booking Management

Comprehensive reservations management with access levels. Branded customer notifications and enhanced SMS functionality.

Financial Administration

Superior financial administration including compatibility with leading financial systems, secure transfers, and comprehensive reporting. PCI DSS 3.2 compliant.

Product Supply

Seamless and user friendly self management of your own product including roofed accommodation, campgrounds, attractions, facilities, walking trails, tours, merchandise and more.

API Integration Options

Bookeasy’s highly experienced development team are able to facilitate API integrations with your existing finance, marketing or other systems to create a seamless administrative pathway. 


We’re partnered with Vectra Corporation to ensure compliance, data protection and reduced security risks.

Why do people love Bookeasy?

Parks Victoria
Parks Victoria has been using Bookeasy as its online booking system for almost 15 years. I've personally been working with the company in my current role at Parks Victoria for almost 7 years and have seen the company evolve and grow to understand and deliver on the needs of a park agency in the digital space. I believe their biggest strength as an organisation is their dedicated and personalised customer service and professionalism across all levels of the business.
Amelia Maher
Project Lead

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