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Being a tourism supplier, you are an integral part of the Bookeasy Booking Management Software Solution. 

Bookeasy in its own right will not book your product directly; we provide the software which is Australia’s market leading software solution to power online and internal bookings for Visitor Information Centres, Destinations, National Parks, etc. This means that your bookings will come from this established network and the commissions for these bookings are paid to the organisation that made the booking. This means the commissions you are paying to the organisation making bookings will go back into the local tourism economy, further developing local tourism.

Bookeasy also caters for both bookable and non-bookable suppliers. Accommodation, Tours & Activities, Events, Attraction, Car Hire; even the local bakery can have a member console to list their business description and images to manage a profile on a organisation website.

How do you sign up?

You will firstly need to nominate a centre/organisation to become your mothership. They will be the ones who create your Bookeasy Member console for you, and whom you negotiate your commissions amount with. You can expect to pay anywhere between 10-20% as each organisation sets this cost. To view our client map and find the closest centre/organisation to you click here.

Did you say mothership??

A mothership can be thought of as your home base, or who you return to for support and knowledge on the system. Bookeasy will of course always be there to help. However, our resources are spent supporting the centres/organisations using Bookeasy to make bookings and to ensure everyone has the best experience possible.

Am I able to connect my Channel Manager or Tour Booking system to Bookeasy?

Of course! We partner with all of the globes leading Channel Manager/Property Management Systems. In addition, we also partner with many leading Tours & Activities Booking Systems in the market. To view a full list, please click here.

To connect your channel manager to Bookeasy, you will need to know your Bookeasy property ID number, username, and password. You will also need to ensure your rooms and rates are set up. We have included a help guide should you need assistance.

To connect your tour booking system to Bookeasy, please contact your booking system directly for further instructions.

Are you looking for a product to manage your Property or Tour Company?

If you are looking for a Property Management System or Tour Management System, we have our premium products available called Room Manager and  Tour Manager. Further information on these products can be found on their respective websites below.

Room Manager
Tour Manager