Campaign Manager

The Bookeasy "Campaign Manager" module offers organisations a way to create online accommodation, tour and event package options for use in advertising campaigns - such as conference packages, etc.



Make it easier for visitors to stop, stay and spend in your region.

Create hot deals that include tours and accommodation options.

Produce your own packages to suit conferences or events.

Create landing pages to support Tourism advertising campaigns.

Campaign Manager can help you:

  • drive visitors to experiences, events and accommodation venues
  • create local promotional campaigns around travel packages (eg: weekend getaways, short breaks, etc)
  • attract event organisers to run events in your region
  • promote local operators and encourage operators to share inventory

A  dedicated page for any conference, promotion or event to the region can be created, which lists the negotiated group rates and live availability. Visitors can then easily book their accommodation and touring needs online, at the negotiated rates, with instant payment and booking confirmation.

The Campaign Manager module add-on offers the following features:

  • public events or private secure password access for restricted events
  • capacity limits (perfect for conferences with limited seats)
  • automatic start and end dates
    (makes sure tickets and offers are not available past the event dates)
  • dynamic checkout forms to capture visitor data, or standard checkout forms
  • deposit-free thresholds to encourage early take up
  • individual commission rates 

How it Works

Adding the Campaign Manager module to your Bookeasy Console

Please email to have the free Campaign Manager module added to your Bookeasy Console.

Creating a Campaign in your Console

A comprehensive help guide to creating a Campaign in your Bookeasy Staff Console is available here.