In keeping with the Bookeasy Academy's proactive focus to provide training, education and help resources, we have created a series of short Webinars. These Webinars are a great resource for all new staff and those who need a refresher. 

Stay tuned as we have much more to come in the New Year! 

Webinar Series

Back to Basics

This series concentrates on the reservations process, starting with the enquiry stage and including cancellations. New staff should refer to this series at the commencement of their employment, plus it is an ideal refresher for all staff.


This series includes changes to the staff console, which do not fit into other categories. Supervisors and front end staff should check this section regularly.


This series covers the full finance process - from daily reconciliations to paying operators. All managers and account staff should view these webinars on a regular basis.

Retail - Point of Sale

Bookeasy's point of sale system offers a great solution to booking centres, which integrates with all areas of the staff console. Webinars in this series include administration, the selling process and stock management. If you use Point of Sale, all managers and staff should regularly view these webinars.

Additional Functionality

Are you getting the most out of your staff console? This series of webinars include additional capabilities of your staff console, and should be viewed by managers on a regular basis.

Operator Administration

This series empowers all staff to positively address enquiries from operators, in addition to giving tools for data quality checks of operator consoles All staff should view these webinars on a regular basis.


  • barossa-logo

    Thank you to the Bookeasy team for taking the time to create the 'back to basic' webinars. Each presentation has been well thought out, concise and clearly demonstrated in a visual context. These webinars will be used ongoing in our Visitor Centre and have been an important resource for our new staff as part of their induction process. It has also been an excellent refresher for our existing staff and enabled us to become more efficient in Bookeasy through exposing us to some new tips and functionality that we had forgotten about. We look forward to new webinars coming soon. Thanks again.
    Barossa Visitor Centre - 

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    As Membership Manager at Tourism Top End even though I have been using the Bookeasy System for the last 4 and a half years particularly the operator console section I have found the webinars to be valuable as have learnt something new each time or prompted to remember a feature/action that I had forgotten. When receiving internal training sometimes bad habits can be passed on or new functionality missed. Thanks again for providing these webinars. It is also fantastic to have access online if you cannot make it live.  Michelle Carter, Membership Manager
    Tourism Top End - 

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    The Bookeasy webinars are extremely handy for new and experienced staff alike. Pieced together in short, sharp segments the webinars offer the flexibility to skip to a particular topic or they can be worked through in order at your own pace. While these webinars are called ‘back to basics’ it is surprising how many useful features can be forgotten over time and the webinars provide the perfect refresher. Thank you to the Bookeasy Team for always being so proactive and keeping us all so well informed.
    Destination Wollongong -