Studies show the rise of the 'experience seeker' on holiday, whereby a traveller is looking for a unique, authentic or out of the box experience. There is no better authority on the hidden gems in your destination than you! Share your best experiences with visitors.

Packages are a great way to bundle together a number of products within your region to create a unique experience for your visitors. Tourism Centres can create predefined packages; or the latest enhancement now allows you to create dynamic packages providing more flexibility for your clients.

Bookeasy offers Packages functionality at no additional fee as part of the core booking system.  There are so many reasons to use Packages, so start building today!



  • Create packages on demand - no need to coordinate with Operators
  • Option to change commission rates for each package and product
  • Create fixed price packages, with set nights, guests and costs
  • Create dynamic price packages, pulling direct operator rates to create package price
  • Visitors can add additional nights to the package beyond the minimum on the dynamic packages
  • Create a discounted package price or value-adds by adjusting the pricing in the fixed price setup
  • Set validity dates for both bookings and stays
  • Create numerous packages - tailored specifically based on target markets, trends or popularity
  • Choose if a package is bookable via your website or only in your Visitor Centre  
  • Each operator's terms and conditions for products still apply within the package



reception counter-512   For the Centre:

  • Increases efficiencies of staff by packaging popular products frequently booked together
  • Increases the booking value with multi-product packages
  • Create unique packages to support marketing campaigns
  • Support events in your region by creating packages for visitors, increasing their average length of stay and spend
  • Creates more reasons for visitors to engage in the destination and with local operators
  • Encourages operators to ‘Go Gold’ to be bookable through a package

honeymoon-003-512   For the Visitor:

  • Provides unique and easy-to-find and book ‘Best Of’ experiences for your region
  • Perceived value for money through bundling of product
  • Saves time during the booking process with one-click to add to cart rather than needing to continue shopping
  • Packages are instantly bookable and instantly confirmed
  • Unique packaged experiences that they won’t find through other OTAs












Destinations Using Packages




How it Works

Adding the Packages Module to your Bookeasy Console

Please email to have the free Packages module added to your Bookeasy Console.

Creating & Booking Packages in your Console

A comprehensive help guide on creating and booking packages in your Bookeasy Staff Console is available here.

Packages on your Destination Website

If you are a beDigital client, please contact the beDigital team via or 07 5668 2543.

If you have an external developer, here are some quick tips for code to implement:

  • Search Gadget: Hybrid Options
  • Region Gadget: Disable Types, Packages Only Mode
  • Item Details Gadget: Type: Packages, Product ID