A new and exciting, user friendly and fully responsive theme is coming to all Tourism Centre Bookeasy consoles!  Just in time for the summer, Bookeasy's fresh and updated theme presents a colourful yet clean look, perfect for catapulting your business into the festive season.

Whether it be quick tour or accommodation bookings, we've built the booking functionality for Bookeasy 2.0 with all the features you need to successfully generate and maximise booking potential.  Stay tuned as we roll out all the new easy to use features!

Phase 1 - Template

Changes to the system once Phase 1 has been deployed will include a re-styling of the Bookeasy Staff Console template. This will replace the header menus of both the Classic and Gadget Menu views.

A pop out menu will also be available on the left hand side of the screen that can be toggled to view or hide as required.

Update - Phase 1 was released Thursday 12th November 2015.  Click here for full details.

Phase 2 - 

The Bookeasy 2.0 theme features a brand new dashboard designed to showcase all the important features at your fingertips, such as easy access to making bookings, viewing reservations, payments made and the Bookeasy Distribution Network.  We've also added other handy tiles to the dashboard which will showcase booking statistics at a glance, most recent payments, a breakup of your Gold Medal and 24hr operators, best selling operators, unconfirmed bookings and your most recent bookings.

Features also include an optional overlay menu with a hamburger icon to toggle the navigation, and a quick switch that will allow you to set the side menu as 'always-on'.  All the existing pages you're used to accessing will all be accessible via the side menu, and regardless of your device's screen resolution Bookeasy's new theme will provide a better and more user friendly experience for all Tourism Centre staff.

Update - Phase 2 was released Tuesday 15th December 2015!  Click here for full details.

Phase 3 - 
Accommodation Search

The third phase of the development will concentrate on the internal Accommodation Search feature. Once released, users should notice a dramatic decrease in the time required to render results in the Accommodation Search.

Phase 4 - 


The team here at Bookeasy are very excited to be including the newly enhanced Retail Manager during Phase 4. This modernised version has been tirelessly worked on behind the scenes, to ensure continued success with regions able to maximise products and profits

Phase 5 - Itinerary Screen

The Itinerary Screen is something that is quickly becoming outdated and somewhat crowded. Bookeasy have recognised this and have been working towards produsing a cleaner, more modern Itinerary Screen.

Phase 6 - Itinerary Emails

Another area of Bookeasy that receives quite a bit of feedback is the Itinerary Emails that are sent to both an operator, and a guest. The team here at Bookeasy agree with the feedback provided, and have made a redesign of these emails a priority.