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Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA)


Bookeasy provides you with the tools to help get your local operator inventory into Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA).

As a Visitor Centre/Booking Centre, you provide your members with tools to load their availability into TXA with an absolute minimum of fuss. This is done via the 'Distribution panel' in their member console, within Bookeasy.

Visitor Centre/Booking Centres can also become a supplier to TXA directly, and feed your operators invetory into TXA. This process would enables you to be recieve commisions for bookings made via the TXA channels. 


There are two options for using the connection to TXA:

OPTION 1. Visitor Centre as a TXA Supplier:

  • Your Visitor Centre can become a Supplier in the TXA system once the
    TXA requirements have been approved.
  • This has been available since the 1st of March 2010. 

Steps for Visitor Centres / Booking centres:

  1. Go to the ATDW website for find out how to become a TXA Supplier
  2. Begin the supplier sign-up process
  3. Inform Bookeasy that you have applied to become a TXA supplier. 
    NOTE: We require 28 days notice prior to activation 
  4. When the process is completed, contact Bookeasy again and let us know your Supplier Account details. Bookeasy will then link your console to TXA. 

OPTION 2. Operators as a TXA Supplier:

  • By using the Bookeasy operator console "Distribution Manager" and selecting TXA as a Channel, your operators can load their availability directly into TXA, once the TXA requirements have been approved.
  • This is available now.

Downloadable 'How-to' guides for Operators:

> Guide for Existing Bookeasy Operators download pdf icon 

> Guide for Non Bookeasy Operators- using a TXA Technology Partner or Channel Partner

download pdf icon 
> Guide for Non Bookeasy Operators - NOT using a TXA Technology Partner or Channel Partner     download pdf icon



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TXA Logo

Tourism Exchange Australia: ATDW and V3  have formed an alliance to provide the Australian tourism industry with a combination of the current services offered by the ATDW and V3.
This alliance will deliver a national, inclusive booking exchange called the Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA) / Open Booking Exchange (OBX).

See further information here.

 Information Sheet: TXA and BookEasy - How it works?
Press Release Feb 2010:
TXA ATDW Bookeasy Live on the 1st of March, 2010


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