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Bookeasy Channel Manager Partners

Who do we integrate with?

Bookeasy is currently working with the following key Channel Managers in the market.

 resonline  freeloader
Channel Manager hisite










What are Channel Managers?

Channel Managers are systems that allow tourism operators the ability to manage inventory which is distributed across multiple sites - updating it from one place.

New Channel Managers will be added to this page with Go Live dates to indicate when of when they will be launching their link with Bookeasy - watch this space for updates!

To integrate Bookeasy accommodation inventory, the tourism operator will need to be 'Gold Medal' - instantly confirmed and use the 'Daily Rates' option in Bookeasy.


Why is integration with Channel Managers so essential?

Generates more bookings equalling more revenue
Reduces the time tourism operators spend managing inventory across multiple websites
Increases an operator's online exposure through the Australia wide Bookeasy Distribution Network
Allows tourism operators to load inventory easily into Bookeasy


How do Tourism Operators using a Channel Manager link to Bookeasy?

Tourism operators will need to join a Visitor or Booking Centre in the Bookeasy network.

Product will need to be set up in Bookeasy.  A link will then need to be created between Bookeasy inventory and your chosen channel manager - your channel manager will be able to give you the further information required for this process.


Will Bookeasy integrate with other Channel Managers?

Bookeasy has proactively contacted all Channel Managers influential within the Pacific Australia market. If you know of a channel manager that you would like to see integrate with Bookeasy, please contact us.