New Icons Added to Operator Consoles


As a result of last night's weekly development release, new icons have been introduced into the main menus of the Bookeasy Rooms, Tours and Tickets operator consoles.

These new icons have been implemented to help both improve the experience and make life easier for Tourism Operators wishing to offer their bookable product to Tourism Centres.

A "Fresh" Look at Support


The team at Bookeasy are excited to advise that we have transitioned to a new software support solution.

Although the current support system has served us well we've decided to go for an industry leading 3rd party solution after pretty vigorous comparison testing.

Note that we are making changes to the system itself and not the people behind it! Rest assured you will still be dealing with the same old friendly, helpful and awesome crew when you contact us.

The Rise of Gold

Gold Trend

'On Request' confirmations are on a steep declining trend.

The Bookeasy team has spent time analysing our database of bookings over the past 5 years.  It shows a clear trend among our operators (Accommodation, Tours, Events, Car Hire etc) where bookings are moving away from 24 Hour "On Request" style confirmations, to Gold Medal or "Instant Booking" confirmations.

Bookeasy 2.0 - Phase 1 Release


Bookeasy is excited to advise that this Thursday night at approximately 9pm AEST, 12th November 2015 will see the release of the first phase moving towards a new and exciting, user friendly and fully responsive theme coming to all Tourism Centre Bookeasy consoles!

The good news is that this Phase 1 release will see minimal changes for Tourism Centre Staff, as it's purpose is only an initial migration to the new Model View Controller (MVC) core framework that will allow us to progress with the Bookeasy 2.0 rollout.

Changes to the system once Phase 1 has been deployed will include a minimal re-styling of the Bookeasy Staff Console template, whereby only the header menus of both the Classic and Gadget Menu views will be replaced by a new visual header.

Bookeasy Tickets Upgrade


A mass enhancement to the Bookeasy Tickets console has dawned the introduction of a number of key features to help pave the way forward for Event Organisers who wish to sell tickets through their local and regional Tourism Centres.

These features are available now and will enable your destination to become the premier booking agent of local events in your region - be it managing directly or empowering your tourism operators with the tools to succeed.

Member Console Upgrade


Bookeasy’s Advanced Member Consoles

As you should know, Bookeasy has recently developed new look member consoles for your Accommodation, Tour and Event Member Consoles.  We’ve named these consoles Bookeasy Rooms, Bookeasy Tours and Bookeasy Tickets!

As well as receiving an aesthetic upgrade, the Advanced Member Consoles also offer a much more feature rich experience and greater flexibility in the way you can sell your products.

These great consoles provide you with a more user friendly, easier to navigate user interface, with various options for additional revenue and more control over bookable product.