The Rise of Gold

Gold Trend

'On Request' confirmations are on a steep declining trend.

The Bookeasy team has spent time analysing our database of bookings over the past 5 years.  It shows a clear trend among our operators (Accommodation, Tours, Events, Car Hire etc) where bookings are moving away from 24 Hour "On Request" style confirmations, to Gold Medal or "Instant Booking" confirmations.

Newbook Connection Live

Bookeasy, in partnership with Newbook Property Management are excited to announce that this channel Partner is now updating Bookeasy directly through their Property Management system.

This partnership provides not only further choice to operators seeking out a good fit for their Property Management needs knowing that their Bookeasy accounts will be updated directy, it also provides centres with the chance to boulster their Gold Medal product simply due to this direct connection

beGadget Enhancement - Tour & Ticket Occurrences


Do your tour and ticket Operators offer products with multiple occurrences? If so, their product offering in the beGadget may be lengthy and create a poor user experience. 

Bookeasy is excited to announce the latest beGadget enhancement with a new look and functionality for tours and tickets with occurrences. 

Member Console Upgrade


Bookeasy’s Advanced Member Consoles

As you should know, Bookeasy has recently developed new look member consoles for your Accommodation, Tour and Event Member Consoles.  We’ve named these consoles Bookeasy Rooms, Bookeasy Tours and Bookeasy Tickets!

As well as receiving an aesthetic upgrade, the Advanced Member Consoles also offer a much more feature rich experience and greater flexibility in the way you can sell your products.

These great consoles provide you with a more user friendly, easier to navigate user interface, with various options for additional revenue and more control over bookable product.

beGadgets Specials Enhancements

Bookeasy, in partnership with Impart Media, are excited to share with you the latest enhancement to be released for the beGadgets.  On the evening of Wednesday 27 May, 2015, an enhancement to the way that SPECIALS are showcased on the beGadgets will be released.

This upgrade will provide website visitors with greater transparency of special deals created by accommodation operators when searching for accommodation and viewing the various product items showcased on operator profile pages.

Wiping the Slate Clean - Clearing Your Cache


How often do you clear your cache? Cache is used by your internet browser to increase load times by storing the page and its files temporarily.  This means that when you visit the same page for a second time, the browser speeds up display time by loading the page using your locally stored cache, rather than downloading everything again.