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Website Templates

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Website Templates

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Website Templates

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Dynamically Removing Template (Add On)

For the specific occasions when a booking centre is creating a new integrated website (from a Bookeasy website or using Bookeasy Pages) they might need to work on the Bookeasy pages without the Bookeasy template while keeping the current site live.
To allow your developers to turn off the header, menu and footer from your Bookeasy pages on demand our developers have uploaded changes to the Bookeasy template. To activate this option please log a support request.


For example: If your developers need to work on a Bookeasy page activating this module will allow them to work on the Bookeasy pages (within the green dotted area) whilst developing your header, menu and footer (outside the green dotted area).



When you are ready to go live with your new integrated site you can contact us and our programmers will switch off your Bookeasy template permanently.



Internal Procedures

Change Website Template


"Login to the BE Control Site.

"Click on Agent List.

"Locate and Click on the name of the booking centre.

"Locate the Left Hand Menu Field and enter 1.

"Click Save at the bottom of the page.

"Login to the booking centre Staff Console and add the Operator Category Search Pages and Hard Coded pages as Site Content Pages.  Make sure that you redirect each page to the correct place.

"Logout of the Staff Console then Login again.

"Test each of the pages you have added.