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Website Administration

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Website Administration

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Website Administration

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Website Administration includes:



2.Room Types



5.Tour Types

6.Business Types


8.Accommodation Groupings


This information needs to be edited correctly as it does affect the was the whole of the Bookeasy site works and looks.

To update external searches and commissions, please use the Distribution Function in Administration.





Operator Text

This text will appear at the bottom of each page in the operators console.


Notice Board

This text will display in the operaators console at the top of the screen in the notice board area.


Disable Business Name in Operator Console

If this is ticked then the Business Name will not be able to be changed by the operator in their console.




Google Analytics ID

You will need to enter the ID number that Google has provided you into this field.


Enable Google Mapping

Tick this is you want to utilise  Google Mapping          


Enable friendly URL's      

If this option is enabled, you will need to ensure that all of the operators linked up to your account have unique business names. Otherwise, you will not be able to access some of your operators on your website.


Recurring Events Position

To change the position of the recurring events you can toggle the top/bottom buttons.


Customer Itinerary

Choose to display the words 'Tax Invoice' or 'Receipt' on customer itineraries.

The wording can be changed per operator in 'Update Other Details'.


Remove 'View Rates' & 'View Pictures' buttons from accomm. details page when operator has extra web pages

There is an option to remove the ‘View Rates’ and ‘View Pictures’ buttons from the top of the operators pages if that operator has Extra Web Pages activated.

Prevent Operators changing 24hr / gold medal status

Ticking this box gives the booking centre an overridding control  


Bond Specific Information

Ticking the box “Enable Bonds to be collected” will ensure that bonds will be collected for all properties that have entered bond information. You can purchase this module online.


Conference Text

This information will be displayed at the bottom of the conference search page.


Customer itinerary to say Receipt or Tax Invoice

If you wish to change the wording on customer itineraries to say 'Receipt' instead of 'Tax Invoice' go to Controlling Data 2. A tick-box has been set up giving Booking Centres the choice of wording.


Ticking this box will default on all future itineraries although the choice to change the wording back to Tax Invoice is also available by individual operators.


Controlling Data 2: choice of wording on customer itinerary



To change the wording back to 'Tax Invoice' by individual operators go to “update other details” and un-tick the “Display customer itinerary as receipt” checkbox. 



Note: If there are two bookings in the itinerary the setting of the top booking will be displayed.