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Template Banners

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Template Banners

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Template Banners

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Panning Animated Banners

Booking Centres now have the option of panning animated banners. You can see a live example of this by visiting Please contact Bookeasy for more information on pricing and requirements.


Page Specific Banners

(Note that this is an Add-On.  Costs can be viewed in Add-Ons in the Bookeasy Console.)


To have page specific style colours and banners you will need to do the following:


1.If you have not had your own web colours and banners previously, you will need to contact Bookeasy to have this activated at the cost above.

2.Ensure that your welcome page has a style colour (page number 500).

3.You can do this by clicking on Site Content

4.Clicking on Edit underneath Edit Style and in the same line as the page that you want to have customised.

5.Enter a banner number (if you leave this as zero, it will be random)

6.Select the text and background colours.

7.Press Save

To upload a new banner:

1.Ensure you have 3 pictures to upload called leftbannerx.jpg, rightbannerx.jpg and backgroundx.jpg (where x is equal to the banner number).

2.The width and height of these can vary but the height should be no bigger than 200 pixels.

3.The total of the widths of the leftbanner and rightbanner should be no more than 1024 pixels.

4.Upload all 3 banners using the Upload Image Function.