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Trust Monies on Hand

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Trust Monies on Hand

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Trust Monies on Hand

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Operator Returns>Trust Monies on Hand


This report gives the balances of money that has been received, what has been paid to the operator and what is owing to the operator.

1.Click on Trust Monies on Hand in the Operator Returns section of your Staff Console.  The Trust Monies on Hand screen will be displayed.

2.Enter the required search criteria required and click Perform Search.  The search results will be displayed.  You can click on the heading of any of the columns to sort the search results. The figures will be totaled at the bottom of the report.

Total Cost

The total cost of the booking(s).

Total Paid

The total of payments received from the client for the booking(s).

Commission Taken

The amount of commission actually retained/received for the booking(s).

Total Paid Out to Operator

The amount actually paid to the operator for the booking(s).

Commission Amount

The total amount of commission generated from the booking(s).  This includes money still due.

Return Amount

The total amount to be returned to the operators for the booking(s).  This includes money that has already been paid out and money that is still held in trust.

Total Trust

The amount of money held in trust for the booking(s).

Booking Date, Itinerary Number, Booking Number, Guest Name, Arrival Date and Out Date will not be displayed on the report if you have selected the Show Summary option in the search criteria.


Note: Entering just the Payment (To) or Payment Reconciled (To) date instead of a date range will display all bookings that match your search criteria up to the date you entered.