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1.Filter by Name: Start typing the name of the specific tour into this field to filter your Tour list below

2.Collapse/Expand: This button manipulates how your the tours are displayed, if collapsed the tour list would reflect;


3.Click here to show Archived Tours: Clicking this will display any tours that are currently not Active.

4.Sort: Select the Order in which you would like your Tours to display on Bookeasy Visitor Centre websites

5.Add Image: Click here to be directed to your Upload Pictures/Images section.

6.Name: The tour name will display here

7.Add a New Tour: Click here to add a new Tour

8.Copy an Existing Tour: You can also copy an existing tour to make a new tour. This will assist if the new tour you are creating has many of the qualities of the existing tour. Once you have copied a tour, it is easy to then modify this new tour with its particular features.

9.Daily Rates: Click here to view the  Daily Rates for this particular tour

10.Availability: Click here to view the Availability for this particular tour

11.Facilities: Click here to set/amend the facilities associated with this tour