Tour Search

The procedure below is to be used to make an tour booking for an operator that has inventory in the Bookeasy system using the Accommodation Search screen.  (Please note: most centres opt to use the beGadgets on their website);


1. List: Select a particular operator from the dropdown or simply leave as ALL Tour Operators if the guest is unsure

2. Name Search:  Should you be wanting to view a particular operator's availability only, type there name into this field before proceeding.

3. Tour Date: Select the date the guest would like to go on the tour

4. Guests: Select the number of guests partaking on the tour

5. Show Availability: Click here once you are happy with your search parameters to show available results.

6. Show All: To instead show all results, regardless of availability, click Show All.

7. Reset: Click here to Reset the filters to the default (none selected)

8. Tour Type: These have been customised to suit your Booking Centre.  If changes need to be made to these items, please contact your manager/supervisor, who may then opt to contact Bookeasy Support for assistance.

9. Gold & 24 Hour: If unsure of what these terms mean, refer to this area of the page.


Tour Search Results



1. Tour Search: Note that your current search parameters will display at the top of the page and can be amended at any stage. If you do need to change any of the filters please ensure you click on Change to see the revised results.

2. Operator Name: Displays the name of the Operator as setup via their Business Details section.

3. Location: Reflects the Location selected via the operator's Business Details section.

4. Phone Number: Shows the phone number for the Operator as setup via their Business Details section

5. Duration: Displays the amount of time the tour takes

6. Cost: Reflects the rate entered by the operator via the Rates section of their console

7. Tour Capacity: Shows the maximum number of guests permitted on the tour

8. Make Booking: Click here to proceed with the booking process once the guest has selected a tour


Make Booking

Once the guest has chosen a tour, click on Make Booking (step 8 above); Once done you will be redirected to the Shopping Cart