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Tour Manifest

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Tour Manifest

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Tour Manifest

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Displays all reservations, sorted on arrival date, with client and booking notes displayed




1.Start Date – Enter the start date for your report

2.End Date – Enter the final day for your report

3.Tour – Select a specific Tour or leave on All Tours to view results

4.Search – Clicking on search will run the report with results displayed on screen as shown

5.Export to CSV – Clicking here will ensure the results of the report are loaded into an Excel file instead

6.Itinerary/Booking Number – Shows the Itinerary and Booking numbers for the reservations listed, these numbers are clickable and will open the Booking Screen

7.Guest – Displays the Guest’s name

8.Occupants – Displays a breakdown of the number of occupants per reservation

9.Total Cost – Shows the Total Cost of the reservation

10.Guest Notes – Reflect any Guest Notes that may be in the reservation screen

11.Booking Notes – Shows any Booking Notes that may be in the reservation screen

12.Totals – Displays a Totals Summary based on the information displayed above