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Tour Booking for Operator with Bookeasy Tour

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Tour Booking for Operator with Bookeasy Tour

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Tour Booking for Operator with Bookeasy Tour

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How to Make a Booking for a Tour Operator Using Bookeasy Tour System

From the “check real time rates and availability” search screen for a tour, click onto the tour name, or the make booking button.

If clicking on the tour name/ or make online booking, you will be taken to the entire list of tours that are listed for the company. Either click onto the tour name of choice or click onto make booking/sale.

This takes you into the new way to book tours for operators using Bookeasy Lite. There are 7 steps that you need to follow in order to make the booking.

Stage 1- Select

Select the tour that you wish to go on by clicking on the tour name and viewing the tour details or click directly onto make booking on the far right hand side of the screen.

Enter the date that you wish to go on the tour and select the pick up and drop off points from the drop down lists.

Now click onto the “Display Price and Availability Data” button to check the details. If you are happy with the results and would like to book the tour, click onto “make booking”.

Stage 2- Details

Enter the number of passengers for each rate type in the fields provided and click onto “Continue to price quote page”.

Stage 3- Price

Your price quoted will display, if you are happy with the quote then click onto the “Continue to add passenger details” button.

Stage 4- Passengers

Fill in the client’s information as much as possible, remembering to fill in the fields that have an asterix beside them, as they are required fields.

Stage 5- Itinerary

Your itinerary will now display. Either click onto “Add another booking”, or “Continue to make payment”.

Stage 6- Payment

You should now be able to enter a payment for the client, by clicking to accept the cancellation policy box and then clicking onto the “Enter payment” box.

Enter the clients payment details as appropriate.

Stage 7- Confirmation