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Tour Availability

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Tour Availability

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Tour Availability

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1.Date Range - This field allows you to choose which month and year you would like the Calendar to display.

2.Refresh Dates – Click here after using the Date Range fields to refresh the page to that date you selected

3.Dates – are displayed along the top of the grid

4.Tours – are displayed down the left hand side of the grid

5.Close Out – Shows the number of seats that have been manually closed out by the operator. This may be due to a number of reasons that require a seat to be removed from the availability pool.

6.Bookings – Shows the number of reservations for that particular tour on any given day

7.Available – Equals total number of seats, minus Close Out and Bookings ie the number of seats you currently have available.

8.Next Month – Use these to toggle between next and previous months on the Calendar

9.Previous Dates – Note that past dates will display as per the black hatched squares, to view past dates availability, click here.

10.Save Changes – Be sure to click on Save Changes after making any amendments to this area.

11.Helpful Hints – Should you forget what each (Close Out, Bookings, Available) means, see here.