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Operator SMS

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Operator SMS

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Operator SMS

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An SMS will be automatically sent to all operators that have been opted for this feature.  The SMS is sent in conjunction with the automatic emails when operators receive a booking or cancellation.   If your Booking Centre would like to activate this feature, please contact Bookeasy Support.

SMS for Accommodation Operator


SMS for Tour Operator

Client Name

Phone Number

Mobile Phone Number

Booking Number

Tour Start Date

PAX (Passengers)

Tour Name


Activate SMS for an operator

1.Contact Bookeasy Support to request activation of the SMS function for your centre

2.Click Operator Search

3.Search for the operator

4.Click onto the operators name

5.Make sure that the operator has a mobile phone number entered in the mobile field and press Save.

6.Search for the operator again and click onto Update Other Details.

7.Tick the Request SMS box.

8.Click Save