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Log a Support Request

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Log a Support Request

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Log a Support Request

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1.Need Help?

2.Knowing when the issue has been resolved

3.How long will it take to fix the issue?

4.A Message from Bookeasy Support


Need Help?


If you can't find a solution to your problem in our Online Help, log a support request with as much detailed information as possible and send it to our support team.


To speak with one of our support staff, please contact Bookeasy on 07 5668 2530 or


Bookeasy support opening hours are 8.30am – 5.00pm (EST) Monday to Friday. Additionally, after hours support is provided on weekends but is limited to critical system errors only.


To Log a Support Request:


1.hmtoggle_arrow1From the console, click Log a Support Request (under the SUPPORT section on the right). This will log you into the Bookeasy Support Centre:


Log a Support Request




2.hmtoggle_arrow1Click Next after selecting Bookeasy




1.Issue Type: From the dropdown box, select the Type of Issue you are experiencing

2.Business Information: Enter the name of your Business

3.Logged By: Enter your name

4.Priority: From the dropdown box, select the Priority of the issue. Kindly note that the auto email you receive to advise that your ticket has been sent will not reflect the Priority you have selected here.


5.Subject: Text entered here will reflect as the Subject Line of the email


6.Body: This field acts as the body of your email, enter your query here remembering to include as much detail as possible.


7.Upload Filed or Screenshots: Click here to add files or screenshots to your email query


10. Submit: Click here to Submit your enquiry which will then be emailed through to our friendly support team


When you contact support, an automated email will be sent to your email address to confirm we have received your request. Please make sure you receive this email - if not, your spam filters may be blocking our emails and you will not receive our support replies.



How Will I Know When My Problem Is Fixed?


When your problem is resolved (or if we need more information) our support team will reply to your ticket, so make sure you keep an eye on your inbox. You can view the status of your tickets by clicking the Ticket History link on the homepage of the Bookeasy Support Centre.



How Long Will It Take To Fix My Problem?

Simple feature questions and problems are generally answered within 24 hours. More complicated problems might take up to 24-72 hours during weekdays and may require more information from you before we can replicate it and find the cause of the problem.



A Message from Bookeasy Support

If we take a little longer than normal to reply then it means your problem might be complex or hard to replicate. Rest assured we're working on it though, so there's no need to send another ticket asking how we're going - we'll keep you in the loop every step of the way with constant email replies if we can't get to the bottom of your problem within a reasonable amount of time.


Our support team can fix multiple problems faster if you submit them one at a time, so if we reply to your ticket with a fix, instead of replying back with another problem please open a new ticket instead. Thanks in advance!


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