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Booking Statistics

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Booking Statistics

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Booking Statistics

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By choosing the field type you wish to view, you can put in the dates for the periods that you wish to view, and click on view and the report results will be shown in a table format. You can choose to not show the column graph by unticking the Show Graph box.

All reports (unless otherwise specified) are based on the booking date and ONLY include closed bookings at the time of producing the reports. Reports, therefore can change at different times of them being produced.

Statistic Reports

The statistic reports are intended to be a marketing tool and not to be used for financial reporting.


The reports are compiled by booking date, as an indication of where the bookings are coming from and  do not include a record of payment dates or cancelled bookings.


Reports compiled by operator include all operators booked, not just accommodation operators.


Accommodation statistics reports include bookings made using the accommodation function.


Statistics for Tours, include all other booking types that do not fall under the heading 'accommodation', this can include events and car hire products.


The Closed, Reserved and Confirmed booking reports will not match the closed booking reports as they will include more bookings and therefore the totals will be different.


The statistic reports can change in the future and will not remain the same. They can change when bookings are cancelled and/or bookings are reinstated.  Also, when bookings are changed from confirmed or reserved to closed the statistics reports can alter.


Below are examples of the booking statistics that are available:


Accommodation Statistics by Staff Member


Accommodation Statistics by Area


Tour Statistics by Staff Member


Statistics by Country


Statistics by Operator






Statistics by Postcode





Statistics by State





Statistics by Source




Non-Accommodation Statistics by Staff Member

Website & Marketing>Booking Statistics


There is a booking statistics report available called Non-Accommodation Statistics by Staff Member.  This report will include all types of bookings except accommodation bookings.  Tour bookings, Other Bookings, Car Hire and Event Bookings are some examples.  The report will allow you to search for non- accommodation bookings make within a specified date range and display the results by Staff Member.

1.Click on Booking Statistics in the Website & Marketing section of your Staff Console.

2.Enter the Start Date and End Date into the fields provided.  The report will include bookings made within the date range specified. Remember to enter the date in the required format DD/MM/YYYY.

3.Select Non-accommodation Statistics by Staff Member from the list of available reports and click View Report.  The report will be displayed with the results broken down by staff member.