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Staff Management

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Staff Management

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Staff Management

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All staff logons and security can be updated in this area.

Staff Search

To search for staff member’s login details and contact information: enter all or part of the staff member’s name and click Search. Alternatively you can click on Search to view all staff information.

Click on the staff members name to view more details.

New Staff Member

This is used to add a new staff member and their details. Remember to give your staff members a unique username and a password.

Security- You can select different levels of access to the console for your staff. There are 4 different security types for your staff to be entered in. The first is Selected Access, which allows the staff member basic access to the console. The second is All Areas, which is the highest level of access to the console. The third is Financial Access which allows operator returns to be run plus basic access. The fourth is Marketing Access which allows the staff member to update the website and marketing areas plus basic access.

View On Website – if this is ticked then the staff member will be shown on the website in the relevant section.

Image linking - the image linked to the member of staff is the username + ‘a’ + .jpg

Staff Types

Staff logons can be grouped by adding staff types.