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Shopping Cart

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Shopping Cart

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What is the Shopping Cart?

The Shopping Cart is a place to gather inventory from the system to create an inventory.  Staff and users of the Booking Centre website are able to place multiple items in the Shopping Cart before proceeding to Checkout.



A customer on the website would like to book and event ticket and their accommodation.

A Booking Centre staff member is booking a customer's accommodation and tours in the local area as well as using Bookeasy to on-book their accommodation in the next region.

If the Booking Centre has purchase the Retail Manager Add On, retail items can also be placed in the Shopping Cart and processed on the itinerary with accommodation/tours.

A Booking Centre staff member has a group of 5 couples travelling together.  They can place 5 x double room bookings into the Shopping Cart so that they appear on one itinerary.



How Do I Find the Shopping Cart?

The Shopping Cart will always appear as part of the bookings process, however, if you somehow loose the Shopping Cart from your screen, follow this procedure to retrieve your Cart;


1.Click on Main Menu in the Staff Console

2.Click View Shopping Cart under the Quick Sales/Bookings section




Your Shopping Cart items will now display.  The Shopping Cart will re-set if the staff member logs out of their console OR if all items are removed.

How Do I Remove Items From the Shopping Cart?

To remove an item from the Shopping Cart, click Delete to the right of the item.  To re-set the cart completely, click Rest Cart in the top menu;



Updating Bookings in Shopping Cart

Making changes to a booking in the Shopping Cart will prompt the system to display the Click here to revise your changes text.  Once this prompt is clicked, Shopping Cart will be updated.

Over-riding Booking Conditions in Shopping Cart

Some changes to an accommodation booking in the Shopping Cart may prompt the Terms & Conditions pop-up box to appear.  This is because the changes made do not comply with the operators Booking Conditions.  The pop up box will display the operator’s Booking Conditions and give the option to Proceed or Cancel.

Proceed: The operator’s Booking Conditions will be over-ridden and the booking will proceed. Staff should contact the operator to OK this over-ride before proceeding with the booking.

Cancel: The Shopping Cart will revert the booking details back to the original settings.


Adding Booking to Existing Itinerary

The Shopping Cart can be used to add a new booking to an existing itinerary;

1.Note down the customers existing itinerary number (you may need to search the Reservations screen).

2.Search for the new item and place it in the Shopping Cart

3.Enter the customers itinerary number into the Itinerary Number field

4.Click Add to Itinerary to display the itinerary screen with the new booking added to the existing itinerary.



A customer made a booking online, and they wish to extend their stay.

A customer wishes to cancel their booking and book new dates, and they have made a payment on their itinerary

A staff member forgot to put the event ticket into the Shopping Cart before proceeding to Checkout.

Over-riding Prices in Shopping Cart

Booking Centre staff have the functionality to over-ride the prices set by operators, this is done in the Shopping Cart;


1.Enter the correct amount for the booking into the Total field

2.Tick the Override Total box

3.Click Click here to revise your changes



When the Booking Centre staff member spoke to the operator to confirm the booking, the operator mentioned they were doing a last minute special for tonight but they hadn't had a chance to update their Member Console

When speaking the the operator, the staff member asked if there was a discount for Seniors Rates

The customer needs a rollaway bed added to the cost of the room