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Finance Examples

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Finance Examples

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Finance Examples

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MAKE 2 OR MORE BOOKINGS: (Staff should hopefully have done some of this already in high level training if not go through in good detail in finance)

1.Make a Booking with full payment and then apply the cancellation.

(Explain that the Booking Fee is going to go into a payment Summary report which they can then access their booking fee totals and also Operator Cancellation fee will go to the end of the month Operator Return automatically)

1.Make a Booking with Part Payment.

(Explain how to close Itinerary as they may need to know this prior to running return – this is used if some monies are paid to VC and the rest to Operator – it then takes the total commission owed to VC and pays rest to operator in return)

3. Show a couple of common mistakes that may occur in bookings: Totals not matching, warning comes up – how they edit this and also when a payment is put through wrong how the staff need to go in and minus payment off and they can also change payment type in that area.

Questions to ask them: Do they need to separate out Payments i.e. credit cards and eftpos or just call all payments through eftpos - eftpos. Do they take cheques, how do they make refunds? Good to get them thinking here and put some procedures in place now for VC Staff. If VC Staff have to go to finance for some refunds – ie chqs make sure the staff print off cancelled itinerary and don’t record client refund until the actual day the client refund is actually made.

PAYMENTS TODAY (clear out payments today prior to class)

Reconcile Payments Today – explaining:

¨ They can print off Booking Centre Fees separate if need be. This is a good time to ask what they will need staff to give to finance at the end of the day. As they should be ok with the printouts here – but remember they can also use Payments Summary report as this categorises payments into different types inc Booking Centre cancellation Fees etc…

¨ Show how they can change Reconciliation date at bottom

¨ Some finance staff if reconciling gateway payments will enter in the date that the payment actually gets to their designated accounts which can take up to 24hrs but most use gateway to assess payments. It is best that they check account though really.

¨ Log into Secure pay – use AEB as example and a quick show of how to search, explain they can also do refunds through here without cc card number if paid through gateway. Also make sure the right person has been designated to get the SP email daily!

¨ Show Payment Summary and Payment History reports – explaining that this is where they can get all of their payment reporting from – ie Booking Centre cancellation fees – check that Op cancellation fees are recorded correctly and also breaks down tours/accomm/retail etc…


Questions – How do they pay operators currently? Do they pay only on full payments and booking stayed – ENCOURAGE them to start to do this as it will be much easier in long run. What Accounting package do they use MYOB – they will only need Operator Totals from returns area…

Show Operator Commission Level/BSB Numbers – where these are located – ensure they understand that this all needs to be set up correctly for returns to run smoothly and to direct debit if required (also bsb set up for VC in controlling data)

Go through Op Returns procedure: (use online help procedure though maybe skip op cancellation check and do this only at end of month??)

¨ View exception report

¨ Check All Outstanding reservations that have stayed (some monies paid to ops) have been closed.

¨ Run a new Reconciliation (slightly forward date)– discuss best options

¨ View Operator Returns Report (not one with op canc fees in it at this stage) They can search by date and also select only one operator - Explain list – check for zeros and negatives, anything that looks weird

¨ EDIT RETURN – (you may want to set this up night before) If possible go back to an old return with something wrong and show them how to edit this. (Totals don’t match, commission level came through as zero as there was no commission setup and add in to itinerary to fix etc..)

¨ How to ADD RETURN – miscellaneous amount – membership Fee etc…

¨ Show versions and difference which is minor PAID – PAYABLE etc...they can choose now or later on which to use.

¨ They can email this out now or send etc..( You can show them the new function if feel comfy in drop down list at top of main menu which shows how they can tick of when paid or sent to op??)

¨ Don’t think you can download ABA file from test site – but find out which bank they use and which one they will need to use? Ask them also if they haven’t sent through BSB numbers to do so and we can import for them still and explain ABA file procedure.

¨ END OF MONTH RETURN (If you do it this way?) - Check Operator cancellation fees are recorded correctly – (In my class they did returns fortnightly and I suggested maybe they just pay the Op cancellation fees at the end of the month only so they don’t have to move the dates forward etc..) This procedure is a bit of a mission and bit confusing for them as you need to switch between op returns page and payment history – explain how they can check that the staff have recorded them all correctly.

¨ OTHER REPORTS – Go through Op Returns Report Briefly – Monthly commissions, yearly etc…pretty basic.

¨ UNDEPOSITED FUNDS AND OTHER FINANCIAL REPORTS – I don’t cover the ones below Payments today but explain that they can have a look through at a later stage and use online help though they probably wont need them as they are complicated an for VC’s that do returns on part payments…


You may want to add or change layout slightly but I found this flowed ok but it does depend on skill ability if its basic you may not want to go into full detail on editing returns etc…maybe wait until they get them but explain that they can?? If I missed out anything please add to this list and we can use for future prep…