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Enter Seasonal Rates

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Enter Seasonal Rates

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Enter Seasonal Rates

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In the List of Rooms/Units and Room Rates screen, the inventory that has been entered will be listed.  Next to each Room/Unit type is the Rates heading which notes if the Room/Unit type is set for Seasonal or Daily Rates.


To enter or edit the Seasonal Rates, click Edit Seasonal Rates next to the relevant Room/Unit Type


The Seasonal Rates screen will then be displayed;


It is important to enter the a value for each rate you have setup in your Rates Calendar and also have enough rates entered to cover the maximum number of people the room type can accommodate.


The table below is a guide to using this grid

Rates (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Adults, Children, Extra Person

Up to 8 Seasonal rates can be entered. Enter rates applicable for Adults, Children and Extra Persons. These rates are cumulative.

Rates for Adults

There are 4 rates columns for Adults. Depending on how many Adults this room type takes, will depend on how many Adult columns are completed.  i.e. if the room can only fit 2 people then only the 1 Adult and 2 Adults will need rates and the 3 Adults and 4 Adults can be left blank. The rates for adults are calculated as a progressive total. Therefore, 1 & 2 adults may cost $150 a night, but 3 adults will be $200 a night and 4 adults will be $250.
If the room type can fit more than 4 adults then you will need to insert a value into the Extra Person box.

Rates for Children

The rates for children are not calculated the same as Adults. The rates should be inserted progressively but the total is not added on top of the adult price. Therefore if 1 child was staying then it might cost $25. If 2 children then it would be $50, 3 children $75 etc. This value will be automatically added to the total price calculated for adults. So if 3 adults and 2 children booked (based on the examples above) then the total price would be broken down as follows:
3 Adults = $200 + 2 children = $50, TOTAL = $250 a night.
If there are more than 4 children booked then the 5th child will be charged at the extra person charge.

Weekly Rate Discount %

Tick this box if your weekly rate discount is calculated in 7 nights blocks otherwise your weekly rate discount will be applied to each night of a 7+ night booking.

Last Minute Discount %

This amount is a percentage. Any booking that is made within 14 days of arrival will attract this discount unless there is a Special or Weekly Discount already in the system for this period.

To work out the discount rate: Discounted rate divided by the non-discounted rate, - 1 and then x by 100. This will work out to be a negative figure but treat it as a positive.



When you are setting up your rates you will need to take in to account the following:


Which rates have you entered into the Rates Calendar?

You will need to enter the values for each rate you have used in the rates calendar.


What is the maximum number of people the room can accommodate?

You will need to ensure that you enter enough rates to cover the maximum number of people that can be booked into the room.


Do you take children and/or infants in this type of room and are they charged at the same as adults?

If you have the no children or infants boxes ticked or the children/infants charged at the same rate as adults you will not need to enter the rates for children.


Do you give a discount for weekly bookings?

You can setup a discount for 7 day bookings for each of the Rates you are using. This is entered as a percentage. You will not need to enter the percentage sign (%). Weekly Rate discounts override specials for bookings of 7 nights or more.


Do you have the Last Minute Inclusion box ticked?

You can setup a discount for bookings that are made within 14 days of the IN DATE. This is entered as a percentage. You will not need to enter the percentage sign (%). Last Minute discounts will override all other discounts and specials.  Only Gold Medal operators can be included in Last Minute.