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Room Rates Setup - Daily Rates

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Room Rates Setup - Daily Rates

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Room Rates Setup - Daily Rates

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If an Operator wishes to use Daily Rates for a particular Room Type, select Daily from the drop down menu.


Use the table below to complete fields

Number of guests included in daily rates

Enter the number of people included in the Daily Rate

Rack Rate

Enter the standard one night rate

Nightly charge per extra adult

Enter the nightly rate per extra adult (if applicable)

Nightly charge per extra child

Enter the nightly rate per extra child (if applicable)

Room Settings

Last Minute Inclusion

This box is unavailable for room types using Daily Rates

Guest Requirements

Tick the relevant box(es) if you do not take infants or children



Bond Information
If the Mothership Booking Centre has purchased the Bonds add-on from Bookeasy, operators will have the ability to ensure a bond is paid by clients when making a booking.  The specific ways that this bond is charged is specified by the Booking Centre.


Is a bond required?

If your Mothership Booking Centre has opted to take bonds on behalf of Operators and you wish to apply a bond to all bookings for this room type, tick this box

Bond Amount

Enter the value of the bond for this room type


Click Save Changes to save this page.  Each time a room/unit type is saved it will be stored under the heading List of Units/Rooms and Rates.  To edit, simply click on the room/unit name.