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Reverse Negative Returns

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Reverse Negative Returns

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Reverse Negative Returns

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In some instances you will find that when you run your operator returns there will be operators that have a negative Paid to Operator amount.  Normally you would enter this into your accounting system as an amount outstanding to you but you now have the option to defer the negative returns until you have an amount to apply them against.  To activate this new function tick the “Include returns reversal functionality?” box in Controlling Data 2.

1.Click on New Reconciliation in the Operator Returns section of your Staff Console.  The New Commission Reconciliation page will be displayed.

2.Enter the Return Date into the field provided, select your return option and click “Click Here to Record  Return”.  If returns have been added, the “Operators with Monies Owing to the Booking Centre” page will be displayed.  This page will display all the returns for operators that have a negative total Paid to Operator amount with the negative returns ticked as the default.

3.Un-tick the returns you do not want to reverse and click on the Finalise Returns button.  The selected returns will be reversed. These returns will be raised again next time you run a return.