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Edit a Return

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Edit a Return

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Edit a Return

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Use this feature when booking or commission amounts are incorrect. There are two areas where returns can be edited.

1. From the Main Menu click on Operator Returns under the Operator Returns heading. Select the appropriate return date and click View Report. Locate the booking you wish to edit and click on the Return ID number (second column). Edit fields as required and press save to record. A description of each field is provided below;



Enter Return ID

Leave this blank

Return Date

Do not alter this date (unless you want to remove the booking from this return period)

Return Amount

Enter the amount to remit to the operator.

Commission Amount

Enter the commission amount taken by the VC

Booking Total

This should be the total of the return amount plus commission amount.

Booking Number

Enter Itinerary/ Booking number


Select Operator


Enter any comments and staff member’s name doing the editing.


2. If you know the Return ID for the booking you wish to edit, click on Edit Return under the Operator Returns heading in your Main Menu. Enter the Return ID you wish to edit and click Submit. Then follow the procedure above.