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Reserved Booking

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Reserved Booking

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Reserved Booking

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All bookings made via the Staff Console are Confirmed (Red) because the booking is either a Gold Medal booking OR it is presumed the staff have phoned the operator to confirm availability before proceeding past the Shopping Cart.  However there may be instances where staff are required to make Reserved (Blue) bookings.



A tour operator only runs the tour once minimum numbers have been met.  Therefore staff make reserved bookings for a particular tour until the minimum numbers are met, then they are able to confirm the bookings with the customers.

How to make a Reserved Booking

1.Make a booking as normal and click Proceed to Checkout in the Shopping Cart.  The Customer Details screen will display.

2.Choose Reserved Booking from the drop down menu of the Status field.

3.Enter in the client details and any notes for the quote and then click on Make Booking or Sale.



The booking will appear in the Reservations screen as a blue booking.


4.The booking will then need to be Confirmed or Cancelled