1.Display – By default, your reservations calendar will display bookings only, should you wish to view Quotes you must select Quotes from the Display drop down box.

2.Search – Allows you to search for a particular reservation using either Guest Name, Booking Number, Agent Voucher or Booking Question

3.Room – Gives you the ability to have your calendar display bookings from all room types, or just one in particular

4.Date Range – This field allows you to choose which month you would like the Calendar to display. Should you require a search that goes over more than one month, simply click on the black arrows to change date format

5.Bookings With – You can search for either bookings already Allocated, or Unallocated by altering this field

6.Status – you can also search for bookings with a particular Status, for example, you could just search for all Cancelled Bookings by selecting Cancelled from the Status field.

7.Display As - Gives you the option of either displaying the Reservations Calendar as Bookings (displayed above) or a Text List which will instead list all reservations down the page, in order of arrival date.

8.Search – Click to search

9.Rooms – Are listed down the left hand side

10.Clean - This page allows you to set the current status of your room. Your reservation calendar will then display a visual indication of the room status.

11.Dates – Are displayed along the top of the grid

12.Month – The currently viewed month will display at the top of the page, you can click on Previous Month or Next Month to navigate, or you can simply use the Date Range field in your Search Options instead (#4)

13.Booking – Your reservations will be displayed within the grid, simply hover over them to bring up a summary box that allows you to see more details of the reservation. To open the reservation completely, click instead of hover.