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This screen will display all Reservations in the Bookeasy system for the Operator.  Operators are able to view the status of each booking including those made by Booking Centre staff (counter/phone sales) and customers on the Booking Centre website.


All Reservations are colour coded according to their current status:


BLUE BOOKINGS are Unconfirmed and waiting for you/Booking Centre Staff to confirm


RED BOOKINGS are Confirmed and waiting for payment by the customer.  If a PP appears next to the booking amount, this indicates the customer has made a Part Payment on this booking.


BLACK BOOKINGS are Confirmed and Paid in Full




Points to Note:


If operators wish to make changes or cancel Booking Centre bookings, they must contact the relevant Booking Centre


The default display will be Reservations that are due to arrive in the future.  To view past Reservations, select/enter any criteria required (i.e. Customer name) and click Search


Operators will be able to click onto the Clients Name to view the contact details only once the booking has been paid in full to the Booking Centre (BLACK booking)


How to Confirm a Blue Booking

Operators may notice a booking in their Reservations screen and be notified via email BEFORE the Booking Centre staff have contacted them. For example: early morning or after the Booking Centre has closed.  Therefore, there is functionality to allow the Operator to confirm a booking for their tour without speaking to Booking Centre staff.  If the Operator approves the BLUE booking details (dates, PAX, costs etc), they simply click Confirm in the Action column.  This will then turn the booking status to RED - Confirmed Booking and the Booking Centre staff will follow up the customer for payment.