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Rates Calendar

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Rates Calendar

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Rates Calendar

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**This function is only available for Operators with at least one room using Seasonal Rates.  It does not apply to Daily Rates rooms**


Once rates have been entered into the Seasonal Rates grid, operators need to instruct the system when to implement these rates throughout the year(s). The rates calendar is set out, with each month of the year, and each day of the month displayed.   When a booking is made, the system will look in the Rates Calendar to determine which rate number to display.


For example if you are using Rate 1, Rate 2 and Rate 3 in your Rates Calendar, you will need to enter a value for Rate 1, Rate 2 and Rate 3 in the Seasonal Rates grid for the relevant Room Type.


Operators will need to setup their Rates Calendars for at least 2 years in advance.


1.Click on Rates Calendar to open the current year’s Rates Calendar.

2.Enter the Rate applicable to each date into the field below.

3.Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save’.  Each different rate will show as a different colour.


To go to the Rates Calendar for a different year, use the ‘Previous Year’ and ‘Next Year’ links at the top of the page to navigate.  If you do not make any changes in this area, please scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on save.  This will activate your rates calendar.


Any past dates on the Rates Calendar can be hidden by clicking Hide Previous Dates. This allows the operator to easily view current and future information. If previous dates have been hidden and you wish to display them, click Show Previous Dates.