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Rate Types

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Rate Types

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Rate Types

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A rate type is defined as the different rates you may charge for different types of passengers. For example an adult may be charged at a different rate to a child. Bookeasy Tours has a list of stand rate types which are;




Group (8 adults)





Bookeasy Tours also provides you with the ability to add custom rate types and specify the passengers that fit this type. An example is a rate type of a Family which could consists of two adults and two children.


Once you have setup your rate types, you can then add them to each tour you create. See Pickup/Dropoff Locations




1. Add a New Rate Type - Click here to create a brand new Rate Type

2. Rate Type - Thsis column lists your already existing Rate Types

3. Included PAX - These are the hard-coded rate types that will make up your own Rate Types. For example, the Family rate type above is made up of 2 Adults and 2 Children from the Included PAX section. Note that your online booking engine will display the Included types only, however should a guest select included types that do create one of your own rate types. the guest will be offered the corresponding rate, as seen in General