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Quickbooks Export

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Quickbooks Export

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Quickbooks Export

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Setup operators returns to Quickbooks.

The purpose of this module is to allow you to run an operator return and then import the results into Quickbooks.

With this module, paying each operator automatically, you can import the amount owing to each operator for each booking and then use Quickbooks to manage the payment process.

To setup, you will need to configure…

1.Let Bookesay know you wish to use this add in and they will add it to your console

2.Add your Quickbooks Expense Account Name or ID that you would like the expense to go against (See screen shot below)

3.Add the Quickbooks Account Code against each operator you wish to import. (See screen shot below)

2a - To add your Quickbooks Expense Account Name


2b -Add the Quickbooks Account Name.


3- Add each operators Quickbooks account. To do this

Search of the operatos in your console, and click on their name.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the operators Quickbooks account name. Note, this must be EXACTLY the same as it appears in Quickbooks.


Once you have setup your accounts, you can then export operator returns to Quickbooks. To do this, from the Home Menu, click on “Operator Returns Print & Send





The output report can then be imported into Quickbooks.