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Daily Procedure

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Daily Procedure

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Daily Procedure

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Booking Centres may wish to incorporate the following procedure into their current procedures.  (to be used as a guide only)


1.Log onto Bookeasy Staff Console.

2.Check Staff Whiteboard for any staff messages. (if applicable - not all centres use this function)

3.Check the Reservations screen. Confirm or cancel any online (blue) bookings and deal with any flagged bookings or outstanding reservations that arrival dates are coming up within the next 4 weeks (red).  To view more information on  these Reservations, click on the yellow folder to the right of the booking.

4.Check any outstanding client inquiries by clicking on Client Search, tick the Outstanding Enquiries box and click Search. (These appear from the Booking Enquiry Form on your website if this has been set up.)  Follow up on any outstanding queries.


Make Reservations using Accommodation/ Tour Search (for current members only) or the Add Accommodation/Tour (for external operators with product entered) and Add Other Booking function for operators who do not have their product loaded in your system. Don’t forget to write notes & flag any bookings that remain outstanding (i.e. require further payment).

Remember to click Refresh on your browser or the F5 key to see the live Reservations screen.  This screen will change throughout the day.




Add to the News Page

Add to the Events Page

Keep encouraging operators to login and use their online console and update availability.

Encourage new operators to join

Add more/new images to the site – on Site Content Pages, Operator Pages, Room Rates and Availability Pages, etc.

Ensure customers are informed of the booking capability on the Booking Centre website.  Promote on your Messages on Hold etc.


**Payment Reconciling can occur at the end of the day OR the next morning, depending on what suits your centre best**



To reconcile payments processed through the secure payment gateway, loginto the chosen Secure Payment Gateway and print out the transaction report OR wait for the emailed report sent the following morning (this option is preferred as the money has been transferred into the Booking Centre account at this stage). Follow the instructions below to reconcile:


1.From the Main Menu, click on Payments Today (under the Payments heading).

2.If required, payments can be viewed and reconciled by: Location/ Booking Location/ Staff Member.

3.Use the Itinerary Numbers as a reference to tick off each Gateway payment against the last 6 digits of the payment receipt number on the secure payment gateway transaction report.  Amounts and dates of payments can also be used as a reference.

4.Once all Gateway payments have been matched against the gateway report and ticked off in Bookeasy, click Reconcile.  As a default, the Secure Payments (gateway payments) option will be selected at the bottom of the screen.

5.Print the displayed report if required.



1.Click on Payments Today (under the Payments heading). The reconciled Gateway payments will no longer appear.

2.The remaining payments should match the till, total cheques, EFTPOS machine etc.  Tick off each individual payment (i.e. Cash, EFTPOS, Cheque, etc) as they are matched against the records in the till.

3.Once the remaining payments have been matched and ticked off, click Reconcile and select the Other Payments option at the bottom of the page

4.Print the displayed report if required.


Hint: it is a good habit to write the Itinerary numbers on the top of the EFTPOS receipts so that they can be easily reconciled at the end of the day.  It only takes a few seconds but can save a lot of time during the reconciliation process.


If the Booking Centre requires documentation to accompany the banking, print off the Payment Summary Report which will show individual payment type totals on one sheet.  Once payments leave the Payments Today screen, they are permanently stored in the Payment History screen.

Optional: Print the After 5pm Report and stick on front door during busy times of the year.  This way if customers come to the centre after closing time, they can see a list of operators that still have availability for the current night.