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Property Details

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Property Details

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Property Details

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1.Tariffs Range From – Enter the Minimum and Maximum rates you offer for your accommodation, displays on your Legacy Accommodation Search

2.Tourism Accreditation – Tick box if applicable and enter your corresponding Accreditation Number

3. AAA Rating – Select your AAA Rating from the drop down list and enter your AAA Record Number

4.Internal Rating – Select your Internal Rating if applicable (self rating)

5.Tick this box if ALL your rooms do not take children

6.Tick this box if ALL your rooms do not take infants

7.Number of Rooms and Description – Enter the total number of rooms at your property and a descriptive name for the style of accommodation on offer

8.Arrival and Departure Time – Enter your standard Arrival and Departure Time

9.Cancellation Policy/Terms and Conditions – This area should be populates with the information you entered into the Business Details section – Step 32

10.Facilities – Select the facilities that apply to your property