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Pickup/Dropoff Locations

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Pickup/Dropoff Locations

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Pickup/Dropoff Locations

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If you run tours where you need to pick up passengers prior to the start of the tour, then you will need to create Routes. A Route consists could consist of several separate pickup points. Once you create a route you can connect it to as many tours as you like.

Each route can be connected to many different tours that may have varying start times. Because of this, when you create a route, you enter each pickup point and then the time to travel between each point. With this information, combined with the start and end time of each tour, Tour Operator can automatically calculate the correct time for each pickup point for each tour.


1. Route Name: Will display a list of your current Routes, click on the name of a Route to view or amend the setup options.

2. Remove Route: Click here to Delete a Route from the system

3. Add a New Route: To add a new Route, click here