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Claiming Commissions on Paid to Operator Bookings

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Claiming Commissions on Paid to Operator Bookings

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Claiming Commissions on Paid to Operator Bookings

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You may want to charge commission on a booking that has been entered into Bookeasy but the client has paid the full amount to the operator. This procedure involves adjusting the booking as well as adding a return.

1. Click on Reservations in the Main Menu of your console and locate the booking you require using the search options provided. A list of bookings matching your search criteria will be displayed.

2. Click on the yellow folder in the Action column adjacent to the booking you require. The itinerary containing the booking will be displayed.

3. Click on the Booking Number of the booking. This is located on the left hand side of the screen under the heading Booking #. The Edit Booking screen will be displayed.

4. Enter 0 into each of the following fields: Total Booking, Commission Taken, Commission Percentage and Paid to Operator. Do not enter anything into the Enter Booking Number field.

5. Click Save. The Itinerary containing the booking will be displayed again. You will notice that the booking total is now $0.

6. Click on the Itinerary Number on the top left hand side of the screen. The Edit Itinerary Screen will be displayed.

7. Check that the value in the Total Cost field is equal to the sum of the booking totals on the itinerary and if necessary enter the correct total cost. If you are dealing with an itinerary with only 1 booking on it then the total cost should be 0. If there is more that 1 booking on the itinerary the total cost should be the sum of the remaining bookings on the itinerary.

8. Tick the Paid box and Click on Save. The Itinerary will be displayed with the updated information.

9. Return to the Main Menu and Click on Add Return in the Operator Returns section of your console. The Add Return Screen will be displayed.

10. Enter the date of the next Operator Return into the Return Date field in the format DD/MM/YYYY.

11. Enter the amount owing to you as a negative into the Return Amount field. The negative indicates that this is an amount that the operator owes you. I.e. If you are claiming $20 from the operator then enter this as -20.

12. Enter the amount of commission into the Commission Amount field. i.e. If you are claiming $20 from the operator then enter this as 20.

13. Enter the total amount of the booking into the Booking Total field.

14. Enter 0 into the Booking Number Field. This field is only used when the return is to be linked to a booking that has a booking total that is more than zero. Since we have updated the booking total to be zero we do not want to link this return to the booking.

Note: Linking a return to a booking with a booking total of $0- can cause a booking to recur in future returns.


15. Click on the Operator Field. A drop down menu will be displayed with the names of operators that have the following operator categories allocated to them: Accommodation (524), Tours (534), External (544), Events (548), and Car Hire (552).

Select the name of the operator that you are claiming the commission amount from. If the operator you require does not appear in the list you will need to allocate one of the operator types listed above against that operator.

16. Enter the details of the booking into the Comments field. Make sure that you enter important information such as client name, commission %, the reference number provided by the operator, operator staff name and Visitor Centre staff member conducting the procedure.

17. Click on Save Return. The blank Add return screen will be displayed and the return you have added can be accessed in Operator Returns under the date you entered in Step 10.