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Itinerary | Voucher | Short Invoice

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Itinerary | Voucher | Short Invoice

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There are options available to Booking Centre staff when printing an confirmation document for a client;



Itinerary with Vouchers | Version 2 | Version 3

Short Invoice | Version 2




Each of the coloured links above can be clicked on in the reservation to open up the document in a new window.  The version of the Itinerary that is accessed by the red link is the same copy that is automatically emailed out to clients.


The Itinerary options that are accessed by the purple link are the same as the red version however they include tear-off vouchers at the bottom of the document that can be used by clients to give to operators for bookings on their Itinerary.  There are 3 versions of this document, each slightly different. These should not be printed on perforated paper as the length of each itinerary is different and the vouchers wont always line up under the perforation.


The documents accessed by the blue link display 2 versions of a Short Invoice on the screen.


The short invoice can then be printed by clicking Print at the bottom of the screen.  If Booking Centres use a thermal docket printer, this short invoice can be printed there rather than on A4 paper.  This option may be useful for business clients who do not wish to use the full itinerary to claim for business travel.