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Mothership & Gold or 24 Hour Operators

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Mothership & Gold or 24 Hour Operators

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Mothership & Gold or 24 Hour Operators

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1.What does 'Mothership' Mean?

2.How can Operators change their Mothership?

3.What are 'Gold' and '24 Hour' status'?

4.Why Should my Operators Go Gold?

Mothership Booking Centres

Only one Booking Centre can be the Mothership for an operator, however an operator can be linked to multiple Booking Centres in the Bookeasy Network.


The Mothership Booking Centre is the operator's primary point of contact for assistance with their Member Console.  However, the Bookeasy Support Team is available to answer any questions that the Booking Centre cannot help the operator with.


The Mothership Booking Centre is able to login to the Member Console on behalf of the operator, and will help keep the operator's web page looking fresh and up to date.


Changing Motherships

If an operator wishes to change their Mothership Booking Centre to another centre, they will need to contact the Bookeasy Support Team.  The Support Team will require written permission to from the operator before the Mothership change can be made.


Once the Mothership has been changed, an automatic email notification is sent to the operator and the new Mothership confirming the change.


Gold Medal OR 24 Hour Status

Gold Medal Operator - This means that you, as an operator, guarantee your availability 100% and a client making a booking will not have to wait for confirmation.


Operators that guarantee their availability will appear at the top of availability searches and be eligible to be part of the Last Minute Rates feature.  You have the option to revert to the conditions of a 24 hour operator for bookings made within a 24 hour period.


24 Hour - This means that any booking will require up to 24hrs before the booking is confirmed. In your reservations online area you will need to press “confirm” for the booking to be confirmed. This type of booking will also appear in the Visitor Centre Reservations area and they can contact you to confirm the booking if required.


Operators with a 24hr confirmation period will listed below the gold medal results in the availability search listing and will be marked with a 24hr medal symbol.


All operators who are Gold Medal will have the logo gold beside their name.

All operators who are 24 hour confirmation will have the logo 24hour beside their name.



Six compelling reasons to become a Gold Medal operator and guarantee your availability on the Bookeasy system:

1.Your product will be instantly bookable online, enabling enquiries to be immediately converted into a sale.

2.You will enjoy more exposure as you are listed at the top of your category in availability searches.

3.You, your clients and visitor centre staff will spend less time making/ taking phone calls to arrange bookings as they will be instantly confirmed.

4.Your clients will enjoy the convenience of being able to secure their bookings immediately with an online payment day or night.

5.It will be quicker and easier for visitor centre staff to book your product – this will translate into more bookings.

6.Gold Medal operators help visitor centre staff to provide better customer service - bookings are made more quickly and efficiently which means visitors spend less time waiting at the booking desk and more time exploring the region and spending their money in your town.


Instantly confirm your availability and GO GOLD!


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