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Using Online Help

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Using Online Help

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Using Online Help

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1.Table of Contents

2.In This Article Sections

3.Viewing Articles

4.Viewing Sub Articles

5.Help Index

6.Printing Articles

Table of Contents

On the left hand side of the screen you will see a Contents area that allows you to browse through Articles and jump to any particular page. The Contents will remain on the left hand side of the screen throughout your session




In This Article Sections

Most Articles include an 'In This Article' area at the very top of the page that allows you to jump to a particular section of the Article by simply clicking on one of the listed items.

In This Article

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Viewing Articles

When viewing an Article, you may see paragraphs with an arrow on the left, like the below. This indicates that you can click on the paragraph to view further information.

hmtoggle_arrow1Once clicked the section will expand to show you more detail, usually in the form of a screenshot. Try it now by clicking on this sentence.


Anytime you see an arrow, be sure to click on the paragraph to view further details. Please note that when hovering over a paragraph that can be expanded, your mouse pointer will change to indicate that the paragraph is interactive.




Viewing Sub Articles

Each Article may have Sub Articles attached, showing further information related to the overarching Article. Sub Articles can be seen by expanding the overarching Article from the Contents.




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Help Index

To the right of the Contents Tab, an Index Tab can be seen. Here you can 'jump to' a section by clicking on a relevant word. For example, if you were wanting to know more about Daily Rates, you could search for this term in the Index area. Once clicked, you will be directed to a relevant Article.



Printing Articles

If you wish to print a page of the Online Help, follow these steps:


1.Click on Print in the top right hand corner




2. Follow your browsers Print prompts to send the document to your Printer.


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