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Online Booking Control

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Online Booking Control

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Online Booking Control

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The Online Booking Control screen is where Operators can manage their booking status and distribution of inventory.


Gold Medal OR 24 Hour Operator Status

Gold Medal Operator
This means that you 100% guarantee your availability and rates and Booking Centre staff and clients making a booking will not have to wait for confirmation from the Operator. Operators that guarantee their availability will generally appear at the top of availability searches and be eligible to be part of the Last Minute Rates feature (Accommodation operators only).


You also have the option to revert to the conditions of a 24 hour operator for bookings whereby the guest is due to arrive the same day the booking is made.


Gold Medal bookings will display in the Reservations screen of the Member Console and Staff Console as a RED booking, or BLACK if the booking has been paid in full.  Gold Medal Operators must keep their rates and availability 100% up-to-date.


To become a Gold Medal operator (instantly confirmed), tick OPTION 1.  This does not apply if the guest is booking on the same day they are due to arrive.  However, if you wish to also be instantly confirmed for same day arrivals/tours, tick the secondary box as well.


Six compelling reasons to become a Gold Medal operator and guarantee your availability on the Bookeasy system:

1.Your product will be instantly bookable online, enabling enquiries to be immediately converted into a sale.

2.You will enjoy more exposure as you are listed at the top of your category in availability searches.

3.You, your clients and visitor centre staff will spend less time making/ taking phone calls to arrange bookings as they will be instantly confirmed.

4.Your clients will enjoy the convenience of being able to secure their bookings immediately with an online payment day or night.

5.It will be quicker and easier for visitor centre staff to book your product – this will translate into more bookings.

6.Gold Medal operators help visitor centre staff to provide better customer service - bookings are made more quickly and efficiently which means visitors spend less time waiting at the booking desk and more time exploring the region and spending their money in your town.


Instantly confirm your availability and GO GOLD!


All operators who are Gold Medal will have the logo gold beside their name.


24 Hour Operator

Being a 24hour operator means that you may not be able to guarantee your rates & availability is 100% up to date, and as a result any time Booking Centre Staff wish to book your product they must confirm with the operator first before submitting the booking.


In addition, any bookings made online on a booking centre's website will display in the Reservations screen of the Member Console and Staff Console as a BLUE booking.  Operators will need to click Confirm next to the booking in their reservations list if they wish to accept the booking. Alternatively, the staff from the Booking Centre can contact the operator to request confirmation and confirm the booking from their end.


This option is primarily used by operators who may never have been exposed to online marketing in the past, and are generally listed below the gold medal operators in the Availability search listing.


If you wish to be a 24 Hour Operator, tick OPTION 2 and the Booking Centre staff will contact you to confirm availability before a booking is processed.
All operators who are 24 hour confirmation will have the logo 24hour beside their name.


By ticking this box, your inventory will distribute to other Booking Centres around Australia that use  the Bookeasy software.   The default commission for bookings made via the Bookeasy External Search is 15%, although Booking Centres may negotiate different rates with you at the time of booking your product.  Ask your Booking Centre or the Bookeasy team for more detail on External Searches in the Bookeasy network.

If External Search Inclusion box is ticked = Bookings by External Booking Agents or Affiliate Websites

If External Search Inclusion box is NOT ticked = NO bookings by External Booking Agents or Affiliate Websites

The Bookeasy Distribution Network offers one of the largest LIVE real time booking distribution networks for Gold Medal Operators throughout Australia and New Zealand, including:


150+ Booking Centres throughout Australia and New Zealand. To see the full list click here

AAA Tourism

The Australian Auto Clubs including, RACQ, NRMA

Over 2,000 quality-checked global Travel referral partner websites, including



Each time a booking is made through the Bookeasy Distribution Network the booking is a confirmed booking. Both the operator and guest receive an email notifying them of the booking.


How much does it cost?


It's free to be a part of and you only pay a commission if and when a booking is made, so your business gets FREE Advertising and Marketing.

15% year round or 10% within 28 days commission applies on all bookings.


Who accepts the payment?


Bookeasy Australia will act as the Travel Agent and will collect all monies which is securely held in a Travel Compensation Fund - TCF N0: 9186

How do you get paid?


Bookeasy will send you an e-mail that will outline each booking made and the net amount you need to invoice


You invoice Bookeasy at the end of each month for departures in that month


Bookeasy remits net monies directly into your Bank Account between the 16th and 20th of each month following departure

Booking Centres linked to your Member Console/Mothership

Here you will see a list of the Bookeasy Booking Centres that you are linked to, keeping in mind that only one of them can be your MOTHERSHIP. Your Mothership Booking Centre is able to login to your console and assist you where necessary.  Your Mothership centre is your first point of contact for Support.  If you wish to change your Mothership Booking Centre, please contact Bookeasy Support.


You will notice next to each Booking Centre that you are linked to, that your booking status will be displayed - either Gold Medal or 24 Hour.  If you wish to change this status with a particular centre, please contact that centre direct.


Distribute Your Inventory
There are 2 ways of distributing your inventory.  The first one is to allow all Bookeasy Bookings Centres to book your product (over 150 centres across Australia).  The second is to allow your inventory to be booked online by affiliate websites through the Bookeasy Distribution Network.  Both options are easily updated by ticking the relevant boxes.
Please note: your Mothership Booking Centre may have opted to block their operators from feeding inventory into the Bookeasy Distribution Network.  Please check with your Mothership if this is their policy or contact Bookeasy Support for further assistance.