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New Reconciliation

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New Reconciliation

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New Reconciliation

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There are 4 reconciliation options to choose from with and optional 5th version that can be used in combination with your standard reconcilliation.


For referral bookings or when customers pay the full amount direct to the operator there is a new easy way to claim back your commission.

Previously you would need to manually add a return but as of tomorrow (14 February) you can run a return specifically designed to claim back commissions only.



New Reconciliation Version 5 is an optional return in addition to your normal return. It only applies to bookings where the Booking Centre:

Has not taken any money

The booking is closed and

The stay date has passed

Please note version 5 does not replace running your normal return. You must still run version 1-4 with the option of also running version 5.

New reconciliation version 5 is only designed to claim commission on referral bookings or bookings paid direct to operator. Therefore, if using version 5 we recommend running it in combination with your normal return on the same day. This will ensure the two returns are combined in your printable and email return versions.

The operator return will show:

Total booking cost as $0.

Paid to Operator as a negative value (money needs to be collected from operator)

Commission Taken as a positive value (money earned on the booking)



The closed booking will display the operator return details.



This change will only take affect for any bookings closed & stayed and paid direct to the operator on or after 14 February 2008 (go live date).