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Module 9:  Retail Manager

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Module 9:  Retail Manager

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Module 9:  Retail Manager

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The Retail Manage Module includes:


setting up retail, scanner, printer and till draw

processing retail sales

retail sales report

printing receipts and bar codes

retail sales return

stock levels


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Overview of Bookeasy Retail Manager

Bookeasy Retail Manager is an optional Add On that can be purchased from Bookeasy and activated in the Staff Console.  Log a Support Request to request this Add On or for more information and pricing.


This product offers the following features:

Category Types, Suppliers & Products

Ability to process retail sales in-house and online, including Consignment items

Ability to manage stock levels

Ability to manage suppliers and commissions

Print Bar Codes

List of Daily Retail Sales and past history reporting

Retail Hardware Requirements

If required, Bookeasy Retail Manager can integrate with a scanner, til draw and printer. The following hardware is required and is to be sourced by the Booking Centre.


LAPOS Thermal Docket Printer

LAPOS Cash Drawer

LAPOS Laser Barcode Scanner