Membership Levels can disallow access to certain areas of the Staff Console and can be attached to particular Staff Logins




1. Add Membership: Click here to add a new Membership Level


2. Existing Levels: Reflected here are your current Membership Levels


3. Delete: Click the corresponding Delete link to remove a certain Membership Level



Add Membership




1. Membership: Enter the name of your new Membership Level here


2. Save: Remember to Save your changes once done



Update Membership




1. Membership ID: This ID will be assigned to a Membership Level automatically by the system once it has been created.


2. Membership: Displays the name of the Membership Level and can be adjusted from this screen if required


3. $ Fee: Enter the fee associated with this particular Membership Level if applicable


4. Access Level: Enter an Access Level here to ensure restrictions are applied to this particular Membership Level


5. Membership Description: This field gives you the opportunity to enter a Membership Level Description for staff to view


6. Save: Save your changes before leaving this screen



Membership Access Levels