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Marketing Tips and Checklist

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Marketing Tips and Checklist

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Marketing Tips and Checklist

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Marketing activity


Promoting online booking System and Website

Is your web address on all your promotional material ie letterhead, brochures, maps etc?


Have you submitted your web address to search engines? (request Search Engine Optimization document)


Is your web address and online booking service mentioned on your answering machine message and or messages on hold? Are your messages regularly updated?


Do you produce regular media releases about your website and online booking service?


Do you produce regular media releases about hot deals, specials and packages?


Encourage your operators to contribute to your revenue

Banner Ads – these are a great way to generate extra revenue with minimum effort on your behalf. These are ads that appear in the top right hand corner of your website banner and link to the operator’s page within your site. They can be sold (priced according to the traffic to your website) to multiple operators to promote a number themselves during campaign periods.


Home Page Banner Ads – these are also an easy way to generate extra revenue. These are ads that appear in the body of your homepage (two only) and can link to any web address. They can be sold (priced according to the traffic to your website) to two operators to promote a number themselves.


Hot Deals – A great way to generate interest in your region especially during quieter periods. The Hot Deal appears in a red box on participating operator’s web pages and a Hot Deals section can be activated on your website for customers to search, receive and book. Again can be sold to your operators, priced according to the traffic to your site (some VC’s don’t charge for Hot Deals, but provide them as a value added service to their operators).


Cooperative Marketing Campaigns - Banner Ads, Home Page Banner Ads and Hot Deals can be tied into multi-layered cooperative marketing campaigns that promote your region, web address and online booking service (ie online and offline specific and targeted promotions including brochures, shopping centre displays, television and radio advertising, print media, other websites etc)


Last minute rates – this is a clever way to capture those last minute shoppers and increase your revenue via increased bookings. Last minute rates help you compete with sites such as Wotif and Quickbeds and ensure that you don’t lose revenue to them. Last minute rates are a section on your website where operators can opt to display their inventory (discounted if they wish) for the next 14 days only. Most visitor centres advertise last minute rates with an eye catching banner on their homepage.


BookNow Button Incentives – BookNow Buttons can be placed on operator websites and link directly to their inventory stored in Bookeasy. The client is thus able to book online via your operator’s website and your Visitor Centre still gets the commission! BookNow Buttons are free so operators can save themselves thousands of dollars in the cost of installing their own online booking engine. All operators should be encouraged to install the BookNow Button. Think of an incentive to sell the BookNow Button to all your operators (ie could offer free Hot Deals and or Banner Ads for a period of time).

Current BookNow Incentive:

Any operator that places a BookNow button on their own website will receive 3 extra web pages on their Visitor Centre website FREE of charge (normally valued at $200). Conditions apply. Offer Valid until the 1st of March 2006.


Affiliate Incentives – Affiliates are other websites where your operator’s inventory can be displayed and sold. It represents an excellent opportunity to increase the distribution of your region’s tourism product. While at the same time increasing your booking revenue. Operators can choose whether or not to participate and commission is split between the Affiliate, Bookeasy and your Visitor Centre.

Current Affiliate Opportunities:

AAA – Expose your operators to 6.5 million potential clients! Allow your operators inventory to appear on all AAA sites across Australia and your Visitor Centre gets 2% on every booking without lifting a finger or paying any administration costs!

West Oz – Allow your operator’s inventory to appear on the high traffic website West Oz and your Visitor Centre gets 5% on every booking processed! Available to WA Visitor Centres Only.


Encourage all your operators and event organizers to reciprocally promote your website and online booking service.


E-marketing to your Clients


When clients make bookings they have the option to be included on your e-marketing list. Take advantage of this and send out regular and exciting newsletters about events, Hot Deals, packages etc in your region.


Competitions – Create interesting competitions on your website to collect valuable customer data and marketing lists. Clients on this list can be legally contacted with your E-News campaigns. Competitions also encourage people to revisit your site and engage with the product you have available.


Online Shopping - Make your website more valuable to your clients by providing an online shopping service of your retail items. Sell maps, t-shirts, exotic produce, books etc direct to your customers anywhere in the world.


Comprehensive and up to date Website Content

Does your website have comprehensive and up to date information about: Events, Eating Out, Attractions, Local Businesses, etc.

Online Image Gallery – Make your website more visually appealing by adding a photo gallery of stunning images from your region.