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Marketing Tips

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Marketing Tips

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Bookeasy™ marketing tips are designed to help you deliver professional marketing messages online (and you don’t have to be a marketing expert!) Let Bookeasy™ help jumpstart your marketing efforts with:

Tips on how to market your business over and above your competitors offerings

Ideas on how to reduce distressed inventory

Creative ways to beat the lows of seasonality

Press release ideas & templates

Ways to create compelling messages and maximize sales

How to market your business over and above your competitor’s offerings

Rule No.1: Your marketing material should always emphasize what makes your business different from your competition. This will help potential customers determine why they should choose your business over another. When describing your point of difference, avoid clichés, generalizations and repetition of words (a thesaurus can be handy here). Angle your marketing towards the type of customer/market you want to attract and how your facilities, service, location, etc differ from other offerings in the marketplace. Get clever about luring your customers in – leave them with no questions about why your customers should choose your business over the competition. Below are some examples of operators that know how to captivate with words (and pictures)…

Yallingup Luxury Retreat “Luxury at a new level: A fusion of contemporary and minimalist influences create an exceptional experience for the discerning guest.”

Cable Beach Club “On the edge of the vast Kimberley outback, minutes from the colorful pearling port of Broome, lies a tropical oasis. It’s called Cable Beach Club Resort.”

Blue Poles “The Blue Poles Studio is one of a kind. Originally built as an artist’s studio, this large apartment style retreat offers you the best of both worlds. Enjoy the Cafe Friday to Sunday: view exciting contemporary art, sip fabulous coffee and enjoy long lunches on our sublime Cafe verandah. Or lay low in the spacious comfort of your own apartment: read the papers on your private verandah, take a dip in the heated saltwater pool, a long bath for two or an afternoon nap on the king size bed.”

Pictures speak a thousand words….

To ensure your tourism product is an appealing choice for potential customers ensure that you:

Use high quality images

Use a wide range of images

Change images to reflect positives of the season

Use images with people enjoying your product for potential customers to relate to

Ideas on how to reduce distressed inventory

Last minute rates: Bookeasy™ allows you to feature any of your rooms/units in the Last Minutes Rates section of the website which is marketed at visitors wanting a last minute deal. You are not obliged to offer a discount on your rate – but make sure the rates you offer are attractive!

Specials: Bookeasy™ allows you to create specials for all or specific room/unit types. When creating a special you can either offer a discount or a value added incentive for your customers i.e. “Receive a FREE Romantic River cruise if you book to stay in the next week”. If you offer a discount on longer stays think about the current average length of stays and try to encourage guests to stay a night or two more. For example, if the average length of stay is two nights, offer a special to encourage a three or four night stay. Another idea is to survey your clients and ask them what would encourage them to stay longer!

Booking Centre staff notes: This area in your console can be used to remind staff that your property is flexible when it is quiet and will offer a last minute deal or a discount upon request. This will give staff a powerful sales tool when dealing with your potential clients.

Banner ad – Rent a banner ad on the website to attract instant attention to your business. Make sure your banner ad features a compelling message (see further tips below).

Creative ways to beat the lows of seasonality

Quiet times can really affect the financial viability of a business, below are a few creative ways to beat the lows of seasonality.

Market Source breakdown – Collect information on where (country/postcode) visitors are coming from at different times of year. Pay special attention to your market source during the quiet time – you should be investing your promotional resources in targeting this group.

Market the Positive aspects of the season – Use images, colors and words that reflect the positive aspects of the quiet season. For example, if your quiet time is winter use warm, comforting images like fireplaces, people having a good time/laughing in warm clothes, romantic couples, etc. Use words like: Warm, Toasty, Intimate, Welcoming, Cosy etc. Also don’t forget to emphasize a range of the activities available during this time of year – your potential guest should be salivating by the time you have reeled off the list of exciting things to do!!!

Reward Return Business – When customers come to stay during the quiet time offer them an incentive to return the same time next year (this can be a discount or a value add).

Press release ideas & template

It is important to build a list of tourism media contacts that you can send press releases to capture positive exposure for your business. Look out for appropriate opportunities to send out a press release i.e. when your business is responsible for innovation (e.g. implements new ground breaking technology or design) or when your business or staff member wins an award, etc. You can also include excerpts of your exciting press releases in the Latest News section of your Bookeasy™ console (this is a great way to keep your web page looking fresh and up to date!). Below is an example of a press release:

Example Holiday Village

31 March 2007



The Example Holiday Village is pleased to announce the establishment of a new website and online booking system

Jane Smith, Manager of the Example Holiday Village said that the Example Holiday Village is now servicing its customers better by providing them with the opportunity to view information and book online at their convenience. will be our window to the world showcasing the award winning features and facilities of our property”

“The website will also enable visitors to book accommodation online as well as purchase some of the unique products produced by the local businesses and the gifted artisans who reside in Example town”

“The use of the internet is a very cost effective marketing tool especially for a small shire like Example town. With more and more people using the internet to book holidays, shop and research we feel confident that will attract a worldwide audience”

“We are delighted that local businesses have embraced and we are looking forward to working together to promote Example town which in turn will benefit the community and the long term economic sustainability of the shire”



Comment & Further information:

Jane Smith Manager

Tel: xxx

Fax: xxx

Email: xxx

Ways to create compelling messages and maximise sales

What message are you trying to send to your customers? Do your messages compel customers to take action – i.e. make a booking? Is the impact of these messages being maximised? Below are some tips that will allow you to answer “yes” to these questions.

1.Use exciting wording and make the text stand out using bold or red text. Use provocative interesting language as a hook to capture your customer’s interest i.e. Exclusive, Discount, Guaranteed, Rare, Remarkable, Surprise, Lifetime, Imagine, Opportunity.

2.Limit the response time frame for Hot Deals that you run – a firm deadline is essential – otherwise your potential customer may never come and visit.

3.Make Hot Deals available to a select group i.e. Dear… as a valued customer who stayed with us last summer we would like to offer you this special deal.

4.Fear of loss – ensure your customers won’t want to miss out e.g. “Imagine how pampered you will feel after staying with us…but book now as this hot deal is subject to availability….don’t let someone else take your spot at the massage table!”

5.Run Hot Deals all year round and change them regularly. For example, if the campaign is over the winter months don’t just run with the same deal all winter. Instead run three different deals, one for each month and let customers know that each deal is only available for a particular month. This way, you have the opportunity to entice them back three times over that period.

6.Run hot deals that match special occasions e.g. Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day, etc. Linking your marketing to current festive events makes it easier for customers to identify with your product – because the event is familiar to them, it is something they can associate with – and hence they can then associate with your product more easily.

7.The heading of a Hot Deal/ Special is very important. Make sure it has impact and won’t fade amongst other offerings in the marketplace.